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5 Steps to Chemical-Free Living

5 Steps to Chemical-Free Living | Mr Vitamins
When I’m talking chemical-free living I am really talking about living synthetic chemical-free, as it is these chemicals that can be very toxic to your body.

Can you really live Chemical-Free?

There is a lot of talk about 'toxins' in our food, shampoos, deodorants, cleaning products, furniture, soaps and so much more. A herbalist friend of mine referred me to the CAS Chemical Substance Database. This database has over 74 million man-made synthetic chemicals registered. And it is updated daily with about 15,000 new substances. This is really concerning and why we all need to reduce the 'synthetic chemicals' in our life! So what can you do to change and support yourself and your family to live chemical toxin free today? Here are five simple steps you can take today:

1.    Be committed to living toxin free

Think about how important it is to you to live “toxin” free – or chemical-free. Think about the effects it’s having on you, your child, your society and the planet as a whole. Once you have connected to this ask yourself “Am I ready to commit to living toxin free. If you say yes, you are committed.

2.   Take one “chemical” product out of your life each day

Once you make that commitment then take one “toxic product” out of your life every day. This can be as simple as purchasing a “natural” soap from your local health food store (Mr Vitamins). Changing over your room spray to essential oils. Or purchasing an organic piece of fruit.

3.    Buy an indoor plant

Placing plants into your home, such as aloe vera, chrysanthemum, spider plant, fig, Chinese evergreen, bamboo palm, is a great way to keep the air in your house toxic free. However, over watering plants can cause mould. Keep the number of indoor plants at a minimum. They improve indoor air quality, helping to remove volatile organic compounds from buildings and also to alleviate the symptoms of sick building syndrome

4.    Reduce the mould in your home

Some 'Moulds' are toxic and can affect your health in so many ways – allergies, respiratory diseases and more. So keep your home clean and dry. Remove wet clothes and mops; immediately repair leaks; ensure your home has adequate ventilation – keep those windows open. And clean mould with a natural, essential oil based product, like Thieves.

5.    Replace your products with ones that contain 100% pure essential oils

When you are chemical free life doesn’t become boring, or even have to smell like vinegar! 100% pure essential oils (grown with no chemicals, distilled to maintain their purity and vibration) offer a wonderful solution to cleaning your home, adding flavours to foods, personal care products and you can even diffuse them to create an amazing atmosphere.     CAS Registry -