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15 Fun Ways to Increase your Water Intake this Summer

15 Fun Ways to Increase your Water Intake this Summer | Mr Vitamins
This summer is promising to be one of the hottest in history with the temperature having already reached 45 degrees in some Sydney suburbs. As we head into the hottest months of summer, the importance of hydration becomes essential. Hydration is vital for health, wellbeing and survival. Your body can’t store water so we need to provide fresh supplies everyday to avoid dehydration. Remember, if you feel thirsty then you are already dehydrated. You can find out how much water you need to drink in the article Keeping up with our summer heat. To help you stay hydrated, we’ve picked out some of our favourite tips for making water more enticing and added a few extra ideas:
  1. Adding a few slices of lemon or lime and a squeeze of juice can add variety and help with digestion.
  2. For extra flavor to the lemon add some basil leaves and/or strawberries.
  3. Keep a bottle or jug of water nearby – making it easy to drink water and keep an easy track on how much water has been consumed. Sometimes it helps to select a bottle or jug that reflects your personality.
  4. Ice blocks made from fresh fruit can help to add flavour to water (make ice-blocks from non-sweetened juice or whole slices of fruit for a bolder impact).
  5. Make some ice blocks with rose petals or lavender flowers for a touch of colour (make sure the petals are well rinsed of any sprays).
  6. A few sprigs of mint with lemon make a refreshing drink on a hot day.
  7. A few slices of cucumber add a clean and refreshing treat.
  8. Add slices of your favourite fruit in a jug of water and chill overnight (berries, citrus fruit, pineapple, watermelon are just a few suggestions).
  9. Add some unsweetened cranberry juice and allow it sink to the bottom for a drink that looks enticing.
  10. Choose water instead of other beverages when eating/drinking out (you’ll reduce your calorie intake and save some money at the same time).
  11. Freeze some water in a freezer safe bottle to take when going out all day or on a picnic, bushwalk, to provide a cool and refreshing drink in the afternoon.
  12. After boiling vegetables, save and chill the water for a refreshing, healthy and tasty drink.
  13. Add a few drops of rose water.
  14. Brew some green tea, jasmine tea, blueberry tea, or your favourite herbal tea and chill overnight.
  15. If you still need some help to stay on track consider a free water app for your phone such as Water Alert or Water Log.

Cheers and Bottoms Up from Naturopath Janne Ramsay!