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Steamed Vegetables: 10 healthy ways you can add some Pizzaz!!

Steamed Vegetables: 10 healthy ways you can add some Pizzaz!! | Mr Vitamins
Steamed vegetables are an essential ingredient for any healthy diet. Why? Because they are quick to prepare, they can be kept in the freezer, and they are FULL of nutrients. So why aren’t we eating them at every meal? Because steamed vegies are just not that tasty, it’s as simple as that. However with a bit of imagination and some healthy ingredients, steamed vegetables become more appetising. So here are 10 great ways to make your mouth water and add some pizzaz (!) to those gorgeous steamed vegetables:

1.     Vinegar

Add a splash of balsamic or red wine vinegar to your steamed vegetables

2.     Olive oil

Before you steam your vegetables, toss them in olive oil, black pepper and sea salt

3.     Lemon

Add a squeeze of lemon to the water before you bring it to the boil, and squeeze some lemon onto your vegetables after they have been steamed. It works best with broccoli, green beans and squash

4.     Fresh herbs

Sprinkle your favourite herbs over your steamed veg. Try adding parsley, dill or thyme

5.     Ginger

Place a few thinly cut slices of ginger at the bottom of your steaming basket and cover with root vegetables for best results

6.     Soy Sauce

Add a splash of soy sauce to the steaming water for a light soy tang (find good quality Soy Sauce - preferably gluten free)

7.     Tahini

Crush a clove of garlic, mix with a tablespoon of tahini and then whisk in enough water to make it a drizzling consistency

8.     Pesto

Toss through a couple of teaspoons of pesto. (Make sure you choose dairy free and canola free pesto)

9.     Nuts and seeds

Scatter over some toasted nuts or pepitas

10.   Sundried Tomatoes

Chop together some sundried tomatoes, lemon zest and parsley. Add a small amount of olive oil and then toss your steamed vegetables in this mixture.

Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Consltant Richard Taylor

Richard TaylorRichard knows all about eating the right food to get healthy and stay healthy from first hand experience! Richard lost weight and got fit after being diagnosed with Cancer 9 years ago.  Now he is a personal trainer and weight loss expert!