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  1. Herbs Of Gold
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  4. Fusion Health
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  8. Comvita
  9. Swisse
  10. F1 Nutrition
  11. Balance
  12. Optimum Nutrition
  13. Thompson's
  14. Vital Greens


Pre, Intra, Post Workouts

Pre-Workouts are taken before your session to increase endurance, combat delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) & fatigue, enhance nitric oxide production, promote vasodilation & increase amino acid muscle uptake. Commonly found ingredients in pre workout supplements include caffeine, guarana & tyrosine for energy, focus & fat burning, creatine for strength power & muscle growth, arginine & citrulline for muscle cell volumisation, amino acids and BCAA’s for cell repair & recovery.

Intra-workout supplementation can assist muscle glycogen replenishment, reduce muscle breakdown, increase synthesis of muscle protein, improve immunity, as well as an improve training intensity. The most common supplements found in Intra-Workouts are BCAAS (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

 A wide range of post workout formulas to help you recover faster, build more muscle and reduce muscle soreness. 

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