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SuperFeast (14 products)

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to get to know SuperFeast!

Since 2011 our mission has been to provide our tribe with the highest quality medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs from around the world. Founded by health educator and tonic herb nerd Mason Taylor, SuperFeast is an extension of his personal apothecary (you can meet the faces behind SuperFeast here). That’s why the quality is so amazing. Because we only sell what we take. SuperFeast products are the ones we love and are packed full of love. Just like you, we’re committed to creating a state of safety and balance within our bodies so we are free to pursue our fullest potential for health. We develop and create our products based on the core value that nature provides the greatest feast - that’s why we use only the best quality ingredients, directly from nature.


Next time you grab your favourite health supplement, take a look at the container. Look past the flashy label to the list of ingredients. Do you know what all of them are and what they do? We don’t play that confusing game. You can trust our products. Our products are always comprised of the purest, highest quality, all-natural ingredients. All SuperFeast products are tested for quality, and are free of all yeasts, moulds, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, fillers, artificial ingredients, colourings and flavours. We don’t sell ANYTHING we don’t personally take ourselves or give to our families. We use spring water and organic rice alcohol to extract our herbs and have a Certificate of Analysis for every single batch of our medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs that we can provide upon request. 


We keep it ethical. All our medicinal mushrooms and plant-based herbs are vegan, and, where possible, carefully sourced from wild regions of China or Inner Mongolia (see each product page for specific origins). If they’re not fully wild, they’re semi-wild cultivated (wild-crafted), to ensure they are not raised in a monoculture on an artificial mushroom ‘food,' and to keep them as close to their ancestral roots as possible (see Di Tao). Our tonic herbs from animal sources are humanely treated, and we take our responsibility to the planet very seriously, by ensuring our semi-wild cultivated herbs are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides and are leaving lots of herbs growing sustainably for the next season and generation.


We love our customers and try to keep our prices low, and we make our herbs available to as many people as possible by offering free shipping on all orders in Australia and reasonable shipping rates for our international customers. We regularly send out free gifts to our customers and we support our growers by paying fair prices for our herbs. 


It’s a crazy world out there, but we’re brave enough to think we can change it, to take on the ‘disease’ industry by empowering people through education and by providing easy access to these incredible medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get these amazing products to you, but we’re here for the long haul, because we believe in the change we want to see in the world.

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