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Since 1997, NatureBee bee pollen has been the world leader in broken-cell wall 'potentiated' bee pollen. Bee pollen is one of nature’s most complete superfoods. NatureBee’s proprietary potentiation process releases its powerful nutrition by breaking open pollens hard cell wall without heat.


While bee pollen has all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals your body needs, normal bee pollen is poorly digested by the human body due to the cellulose walls that protect its core materials. Based on research, the human body is only able to digests a small proportion of the nutrients present in bee pollen.


Naturebee’s unique process involves the following steps

    • Pollen is collected when the bees return to the hive and climb through the pollen trap, it gently brushes off some pollen before it enters the hive.
    • The pollen is processed to break open the cell wall of each pollen grain. No degradation or oxidation of the pollen occurs. This process makes of the pollen’s nutrients much more available for digestion.
    • After the cell walls have been broken, the pollen is then placed into capsules. Our bee pollen capsules are made from beef gelatin.


    Bee pollen supplements have many health benefits including improved energy, stronger immune system function, and protection from radiation and chemical pollutants. As a source of anti-oxidants, studies have shown bee pollen successfully counteracting the effects of these stressors by removing free radicals in our bodies. Change Your Health, Change Your Life! Buy bee pollen!
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