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How Pomegranate Oil helps your skin

How Pomegranate Oil helps your skin | Mr Vitamins
One of the oldest crop fruits cultivated for more than 5,000 years, the Pomegranate has been prized since ancient times for its extraordinary attributes. Around the world, this unusual fruit, whose plump, sweet seeds are encased in a bitter, hard shell, has been endowed with multiple layers of meaning. “The pomegranate represents beauty, fertility and abundance and it is also a symbol of rebirth and renewal, of unity and wisdom.” The fruit appears to be wearing a crown. The pomegranate is a hardy plant, thriving under diverse conditions ranging from coastal areas to arid plateaus.

All about Pomegranates

In the spring, the bell-shaped bud of the pomegranate tree gently unfurls its delicate, crinkled petals, already revealing a hint of its future fruit. Yellow, light pink or ruby red: the colour of the pomegranate’s skin has less to do with its ripeness than its variety – of which there are hundreds. Rather thin branches bend under the weight of its luscious, bright red fruit in late summer, is a phenomenon. Just look at its buds! With the pomegranate, the bud already gives the impression of being a juicy, round berry. Then on the mature fruit, the withered sepals remain at the top, along with the stamens, forming the small star-shaped calyx that is characteristic of the pomegranate. The harvest begins in early October, when the round pomegranate fruits are ripe. They cease ripening as soon as they have been picked from the tree. The inside of the pomegranate fruit also varies in colour. The plump, juicy kernels of some varieties are pale pink, while others have bright red kernels. Some are slightly sour, while others taste sugary sweet.

Pomegranate Oil comes from the seeds

The seeds make up about three percent of a pomegranate’s weight. The seeds themselves contain around 12 to 20 percent oil. The production of pomegranate seed oil is complex – inside the fruit, the seeds, each of which is surrounded by a plump seedcoat, are tiny. To produce a half-litre of oil, around 100 kilograms of pomegranates are needed.

Benefits of using Pomegranate on your skin

After a certain age, our skin requires more nourishment and care. The pomegranate, which unites youth and maturity, is a valuable companion during this time of change.   The skin is an important reflection of our physical, emotional and spiritual state. As we age, the skin begins to show signs of change due to ageing and prolonged exposure to sunlight. It becomes more susceptible to external influences and requires longer to regenerate. Therefore, Pomegranate play such a special role in natural cosmetics

Key Benefits

Unique Elements

  • Pomegranate seed oil - has a very special and particularly rare fatty acid composition.
  • Strong antioxidant effect because it contains up to 70 percent punicic acid.
  • Contains flavonoids, polyphenols and phytosterols, which regenerate skin that has become increasingly dry and sensitive.
The powerful concentrate of nutrients from pomegranate, including vitamins C, B5 and potassium, together with antioxidant polyphenols make it ideal for supporting the reduced regeneration abilities of the skin. Because of its high content of naturally-occurring phytochemicals, pomegranate seed oil acts as an excellent scavenger of free radicals, which are known to be responsible for accelerating ageing in skin and cells.. Weleda has an extensive Pomegranate Firming Facial Care Range and Pomegranate Regenerating Body Care range. Which has antioxidant-rich pomegranate seed oil, organically grown and cultivated in Turkey. Every year, Weleda uses around two tonnes of precious pomegranate oil in the production of their Weleda Pomegranate skincare series.

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