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AUTILI Instant Full Cream Milk Powder 1KG

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AUTILI instant full cream milk powder is deliciously creamy in texture and enriched with Vitamin A (*37% RDI) and Vitamin D (*52% RDI) to help achieve our daily recommended targets for these essential nutrients and optimise calcium absorption for stronger bones, teeth and muscle.

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Vitamin D - enhance calcium absorption and prevent vitamin D deficiency.
Vitamin A - for the development of healthy teeth, vision and skin.
With only 4% total fat content, there is no excuse not to enjoy our AUTILI instant full cream milk. It is a great drink after exercise to rehydrate the body, enjoy in the morning or before sleep.

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澳特力 全脂奶粉


  • 100%澳洲高品质纯净乳源,无任何添加剂
  • 新鲜、即溶天然营养品,比鲜奶方便携带及保存
  • 高钙、高蛋白及丰富的营养素
  • 每袋装可冲调7升牛奶
  • 天然不含麸质
  • 同时可以作为各式饮料或烹饪和烘焙的原料


  • AUTILI澳特力全脂奶粉口感醇厚,香浓丝滑的AUTILI澳特力全脂奶粉额外添加维生素A与D,营养全面,可作为运动后的能量补充剂,也是早晚时段最佳营养伴侣。
  • 维生素A - 提升免疫力,促进生长发育,维护牙齿、视力以及皮肤的健康
  • 维生素D - 有效促进钙质的吸收,强健骨骼、牙齿以及肌肉


  • 请存放在凉爽干燥处
  • 请于开封后四周内食用完毕
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Full Cream Milk, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin A, Vitamin D.

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