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Good Health Colostrum Milk Powder 350G

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  • Contains highly nutritive New Zealand colostrum
  • Sourced from pasture-fed cows
  • Contains dietary protein
  • Wide range of immune factors
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Good Health Colostrum Milk Powder is a delicious powder suitable for mixing into water or milk for a nutritious drink. Colostrum Milk Powder provides natural bovine colostrum, the protein rich first milk containing IgG antibodies. Colostrum is an incredible, completely natural source of nutrients including protein, vitamins, minerals, and immune enhancing factors, and is made with ingredients sourced from strong, healthy pasture-fed dairy cows.

Colostrum milk powder is a combination of skim milk powder and NZ colostrum rich in immune factors, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and growth-stimulating factors

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Brand Good Health


  • 体乏、体力消耗大 --- 能较快恢复疲劳增强肌肉力量,特别针对体力消耗量大的运动员非常有利和精力不足的人们。
  • 生长发育期,抵抗力差 --- 牛初乳内的生长因子和免疫因子能促进婴幼儿、青少年的生长发育,还能改善他们的运动功能。此外,牛初乳还能提高免疫力低下及体弱多病者的免疫水平。
  • 胃肠道不适 --- 改善胃肠道功能;在天然的牛初乳中含有多种抗体,它们和人体中的致病菌结合后,能达到缓解或治疗胃肠道病毒的效果。
  • 促进伤口愈合和慢性病患者康复 --- 由于生长因子的作用,牛初乳可促进伤口愈合。


  • 小孩生长发育,
  •  强壮骨骼,
  • 增强免疫力
  • 备孕、孕期、哺乳期的妈妈
  • 病后、术后身体伤口康复
  • 亚健康人士
  • 中老年人
Skim Milk Powder, Colostrum Powder (8%) 脱脂奶粉,牛初乳粉(8%)


Nutritional Information:  营养信息:
Serving per bottle:Approx 117 每瓶可服用大概117次
Serving size:3g 每次3克
  *Qty per serving
*Qty per 100g
Energy 能量 44kJ 1460kJ
Protein 蛋白质 1.1g 36.0g
Fat, total 脂肪总值 > 1g > 1g
- Saturated 饱和脂肪 > 1g > 1g
Carbohydrate 碳水化合物 1.5g 50.9g
- Sugars 糖份 1.5g 50.9g
Sodium  钠 10mg 324mg
Potassium 钾 42mg 1400mg
Vitamin B12 维生素B12 0.2mcg 6mcg
IgG 免疫球蛋白G 0.05g 1.5g
IgA 免疫球蛋白A 8mg 254mg
IgM 免疫球蛋白M 4mg 140mg
Lactoferrin 乳铁蛋白 2mg 82mg
IGF1 多肽蛋白质 0.4mcg 14mcg
*All specified values are averages  以上为平均值





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  • Boosts dietary protein
  • Wide range of immune factors
  • Highly nutritive colostrum

Adults and Children : take 1 to 2 spoonfuls daily (3gm spoon provided) or as professionally advised.

Skim Milk Powder, Colostrum Powder (9%)


Nutritional Information:
Serving size: 3g
  *Qty per serving *Qty per 100g
Energy 44kJ 1470kJ
Protein 1.1g 36.0g
Fat, total Less than 1g Less than 1g
- Saturated Less than 1g Less than 1g
Carbohydrate 1.5g 51.3g
- Sugars 1.5g 51.3g
Sodium 10mg 349mg
Calcium 36mg 1190mg
Potassium 44mg 1480mg
Vitamin B2 61mcg 2020mcg
Vitamin B6 6mcg 197mcg
IgG 0.05g 1.5g
IgA 1mg 22mg
Lactoferrin 2mg 74mg
IGF1 0.3mcg 11mcg
*All specified values are averages

Formulated without

Gluten, egg, yeast, wheat, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or artificial preservatives.

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