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The kidneys play a vital role in clearing the body of toxins and waste matter as well as helping to regulate blood pressure. Healthy kidney or renal function can be compromised when the kidneys suffer an injury, are damaged by disease such as diabetes or hypertension or damaged through poisoning from various ingested chemicals. Kidney support can include specific kidney supplements and foods in your daily routine to restore and maintain kidney health. The best way to kidney cleanse, is making sure that you are drinking enough filtered water each day.


Recommendations for healthy kidney function are:

  • Get your blood pressure checked regularly and make sure it stays below the levels recommended by your doctor.
  • If you have diabetes make sure you monitor your blood glucose levels and stay within your targets.
  • Lead an active, healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Avoid too much sodium, phosphorus and potassium in the diet

Kidney cleansing herbs promote healthy fluid metabolism, relieve fluid retention and reduce urinary frequency.


In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the Kidney organ-meridian system is considered one of the most important foundations of good health and is the reservoir for the inherited form of Qi or life force that is also known as Kidney energy, essence, or Jing. Jing is progressively depleted with age and becomes particularly vulnerable to exhaustion from mid-life onwards due to overwork, a hard-driven lifestyle, insufficient fluid intake, multiple pregnancies and chronic illness or stress.


Fusion’s Kidney Tonic has been carefully formulated according to the principles of Chinese medicine to strengthen the Kidney organ-meridian and balance Yin and Yang. It includes a synergistic blend of herbs that have traditionally been used to support and tonify the Kidneys and Jing.


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