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Night Time Casein Protein Supplements

Night Time Protein supplements are mainly comprised of the Casein Protein. Casein like other Protein sources provides a rich Amino Acid supply to the body. Casein is  an extremely slow digesting Protein source that slowly enters the blood stream. Its main advantage is it shall continue to feed your muscles long after Whey Proteins have dropped off.

Much of what happens in your body during the day also happens when you’re sleeping at night time. However, there are some differences when it comes to the way in which your hormones react.

The level of anabolic hormone, which is commonly referred to as the growth hormone, or GH, rises early on in sleep, but then decreases during the night.

Lots of additional influences affect the release of this growth hormone, some of which include other hormones, working out, and dietary factors.

Similarly, your level of cortisol (or muscle-wasting hormone) normally begins to rise in the middle of the night and will remain at a high level for many hours. When morning comes, it’s cortisol that has the edge over your GH, putting your body in a net catabolic position.

The big upside to taking slow release protein powder, as studies have proven, is that it helps to counter the effects that cortisol has on the body.

The Benefits of Taking Night-Time Protein

Night Time Protein – whether it’s taking a protein shake before bed or taking supplements of casein before bed – has many benefits, some of which include the following:

  • A boost in muscle protein synthesis (MPS)
  • Minimisation of MPB
  • An increase in calorie burning through the night
  • Can potentially reduce the feeling of hunger and cravings come morning
  • Greater recovery from exercise, especially for those that work out or do sports late in the evening

Protein is an Ideal Night Time Nutrient

Taking protein before bed comes highly recommended for all of the above reasons. Not only can this nutrient be successfully digested and absorbed during sleep, its capability of enhancing MPS (muscle protein synthesis) remains at the save level that it’s at during the day.

If you’re an athlete or you’re in to health and fitness and weight training is part of your workout routine, taking a protein shake before bed can give your body the added support it needs to enhance your strength and muscle mass gains.

TIP: Allow your post-workout period to overlap with sleeping to get the optimum effect of night time protein.

Are you looking to buy the best night time protein online in Australia?

Casein is considered a slow release protein making it a very popular choice for those looking for a suitable protein powder before bed. Here at Mr Vitamins, we stock some of the best casein protein powders that are available to buy online in Australia.

The selection of night time protein products that we offer is vast, and we sell them at the most affordable prices.

Once you purchase your night time protein and it gets delivered (we offer free delivery on all orders over $200), it’s recommended that you take between 25-30 grams 30 minutes before going to bed.

You can take a lower level of casein if you combine it with EAAs, BCAAs or hydrolysed whey.

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