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Sonett Softner 500G

pack size: 500gram tub
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Eco frriendly fabric softner.

By adding the softener separately after previously having determined the amount necessary depending on the local water hardness, the detergent’s most economical use is guaranteed.


The optimum choice for you, your family and the environment. All of our ingredients are completely biodegradable and free of allergens. We primarily use herbal and mineral raw materials. Cleaning products shouldn't be made from unclean ingredients.

Our products are free from enzymes, petrochemical surfactants, synthetic fragrances, dyes & preservatives, bleaching agents, genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

The complete range of Sonett products has been independently certified according to the criteria of Ecogarantie, the premium label for ecological washing and cleaning products.


zeolite, sodium carbonate, citrate 

100% Biodegradable - Recyclable container. 

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