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Redmond Bentonite Clay

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An Old Home Remedy - Redmond Clay has been used for generations to help support digestive health. For thousands of years, primitive people carried a ball of clay with them in their packs. Some of this clay was dissolved in water and ingested with their meals. Clay was the natural medicine used by the natives for fighting many stomach ailments, dysentery and food infections.


  • Help support digestive health.
  • Fighting many stomach ailments, dysentery and food infections.


Calcium 52mg, Potassium 25mg, Magnesium 120mg, Manganese 2.4mg, Iron 17mg, Iodine 72mcg, Zinc .3mg, Other Ingredients: Redmond Clay (bentonite clay of the montmorillonite family).

suggested dose

use as external uses. Do not reuse the clay pack