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Orthoplex White Zinc Status Oral Liqiud

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Pack Size: 100 ml bottle
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A Zinc tally test to indicate need for additional dietary Zinc.

Orthoplex Zinc Status provides an oral liquid Zinc supplement designed to monitor Zinc status in the body and provide 13.5mg of Zinc per 50μL.

  • For zinc supplementation
  • A nutritional supplement
  • A zinc tally test

  • Benefits
  • Some 300 enzymes are known to require zinc for their activity
  • Zinc is required for DNA synthesis, cell division and protein synthesis
  • ingredients

    (per dose)

    Zinc sulphate heptahydrate 60mg

    equiv. Zinc 13.5mg

    suggested dose

    Hold 10mL in the mouth for 10 seconds then swallow. For best results Zinc Status should be taken 1 hour before food, fluid or cigarettes.


    Contains potassium sorbate.