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Organyc Organic Feminine Hygiene Wet Wipes

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Softness, safety and health are the hallmarks that distinguish Organ(y)c brand Wet Wipes. These worthy benefits set new, higher standards to which other brands must strive. For example, the extraordinary softness of Wet Wipes is unsurpassed, especially because they are 100% certified, organic cotton. This softness makes them feel ever-sogentle, perfect for a woman with sensitive skin. They are also absorbent, a feature you expect since they are made with 100% organic cotton. The additional ingredients that combine to add safety and good health to your expectations must meet our lofty guidelines. This is part of the Organ(y)c brand’s commitment to ensure the greatest respect for both your health, as well as the environment. Since we insist on natural, active substances we use only use organic, vegetable-based ingredients. By way of illustration, we include extracts of organic calendula – or marigold flowers – and organic chamomile, both known for their soothing and palliative properties. The addition of lactic acid stabilizes pH to help alleviate and prevent irritation. While other brands may accept lesser ingredients, we adhere to our difficult-to-duplicate standards.


  • Organyc feminine cloths are made with a certified organic cosmetic formulation that includes calendula, chamomile extracts and lactic acid.
  • These cleansing cloths are refreshing and moisturizing – perfect for cleansing the most intimate parts. There are no additives, SLS, or alcohol, which make these ideal for sensitive skin.


100% organic cotton, calendula, chamomile extracts and lactic acid

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