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Natures Treasure Colloidal Silver Oral Liquid

pack size: 500 ml
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Colloidal silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and
preventative against infections. Acting as a catalyst, it reportedly
disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need
for their oxygen metabolism. They suffocate without corresponding harm
occurring to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry.
The result is the destruction of disease-causing organisms in the
body and in the food.

How It Works

The presence of colloidal silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium or
any other single celled pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme,
its chemical lung, so to say. Within a few minutes, the pathogen
suffocates and dies, and is cleared out of the body by the immune,
lymphatic and elimination systems.

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which destroy beneficial enzymes,
colloidal silver leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact, as they are
radically different from the enzymes of primitive single-celled life.
Thus colloidal silver is absolutely safe for humans, reptiles, plants
and all multi-celled living matter.


  • Colloidal silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections.


Aqua (Water), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Camellia Oleifera (Camellia) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Chamomilla Recutita Matricaria (chamomile) Flower Extract, Benzyl Alcohol, Water (Aqua) (and) Phragmites Kharka Extract (and) Poria Cocos Extract, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Seed Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil , Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Xanthan Gum, Aristotelia chilensis (maqui berry) seed oil, Dehydroacetic Acid (and) Benzyl Alcohol, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Calendula Officinalis (Marigold) Flower Extract (and) Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Dehydroacetic Acid (and) Benzyl Alcohol

suggested dose

Apply 2-3 drops, using more as needed. Gently massage into skin. Use alone or follow with your moisturising products. Apply twice daily or as required. Do not apply to broken skin or wounds. Cream Cleanser: Gently massage onto damp skin on face, neck and décolletage. Tissue off or rinse with warm water (using a face cloth for best results). Use daily or as often as required. Vital Moisturising Cream: Gently massage onto cleansed face, neck and décolletage morning and/or night.