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Loving Earth Light Agave Syrup

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Certified Organic Raw Agave Syrup, light and dark, harvested in the Ixmiquilpan region of Mexico. Low GI, greatly beneficial to the local community and processed below 40ºC using a vacuum evaporator and certified organic vegan enzyme.

Agave Syrup has a low Glycemic Index (GI) score at <30, meaning that it'll give you a long slow release of energy rather than the quick peak and subsequent crash which sugars of a high GI score give you. The unfiltered Dark Agave has more minerals than the light filtered version, in addition to a richer, wilder flavour. There has been some recent controversy regarding the consumption of Agave Syrup at its affect on one's health. Our Agave Syrup is a minimally processed natural certified organic sweetener. It is a concentrated food (essentially a concentrated cactus juice) like any concentrated fruit juice or honey for that matter and should therefore be consumed in moderation. Its sugars are in the same form as honey and fruits and are processed by the body in a similar way. It is low GI and diabetic friendly but it should be avoided by people with a fructose intolerance.

  • Cane Sugar Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Low GI
  • Vegan
  • Fair Trade

  • Benefits

    There has been controversy regarding the use and promotion of Agave Syrup as a health food. Agave Nectar, The High Fructose Health Food Fraud, an article written by Rami Nagel, and Beware of the Agave Nectar Health Food Hype by Dr Mercola are the sources of the confusion. The information presented is not an accurate representation of Loving Earth's Agave products. Minimally processed agave provides vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are not found in other processed sweeteners. Our unfiltered Dark Agave Syrup has a wide spectrum of minerals and phytonutrients; Dr Mercola is erroneous when he states that Dark Agave is burnt. In fact, the light and clear varieties of Agave have undergone filtration, which is why they are lighter in colour. The Dark Agave is unfiltered and richer in minerals, which results in its darker colour. Unlike high fructose corn syrup that stores its energy as starch, Agave syrup stores its energy as Inulin, also known as Fructans or Levulose. Inulin is typically found in roots or rhizomes. There is no starch in Agave syrup. Inulin bypasses digestion in the stomach and small intestine and is actually digested in the large intestine. Inulin is beneficial in that it feeds the probiotic bacteria in our digestive system. This is absorbed slowly into the bloodstream giving it a low glycemic index. Therefore it is diabetic friendly. It is also the perfect sweetener for children, as it does not significantly raise blood sugar levels, preventing the highs and lows associated with sugar intake and instead provides a sustained, steady source of energy. Agave syrup is a concentrated cactus juice. Like all concentrated foods, Loving Earth believes that Agave should be consumed in moderation. We believe that Agave syrup is a healthier sweetener alternative compared to cane sugar. When used respectfully, Agave syrup does have health promoting properties. Overconsumption and inappropriately using Agave is what leads to health issues and puts our bodies out of balance. Agave should be used as part of a balanced diet. Doctor Mercola states that "Agave Nectar as a final product is mostly chemically refined fructose". The sugars in our agave nectar come from the breakdown of the inulin molecule through the introduction of the certified vegan enzyme. It is in no way chemically refined; there are no chemicals involved in any part of the production or packaging process. Our growers do not use any chemicals, ionic resins, sulphuric/hydrochloric acid, dicalite or clarimex in the manufacturing of our Agave syrup. Australian Certified Organic have audited the harvesting and processing of our Agave syrup, and have verified that our Agave syrup is pure and that no chemicals or genetically modified organisms are used. They have also verified that it is harvested sustainably. The only way in which it is refined is that excess moisture is removed from the juice of the plant to prevent fermentation.


    Raw Organic Agave Syrup

    *Product of Mexico

    suggested dose

    Agave, which is what we use in all our manufacturing, has beautiful vanilla and cactus notes. As a direct sugar replacement, use 25% less Agave Syrup than the quantity you would normally add. It's a delicious sweetener which can be used in a variety of deserts, or even for creating essences. It's particularly delicious when infused with other flavours in its own right; take a look at our recipes section below for further examples of the many creative ways in which Agave can be added to your diet.