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Karom Himalayan Crystal Salt with Organic Australian Kelp

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Karom Himalayan Crystalsalt is sourced from the Salt Range in NW Province of Pakistan which is a southern extension of an ancient, weathered fold-mountain type chain of the Western Himalayan Mountains.

It is recovered from seams erupting from strata laid down over 200 million years ago.

Karom Himalayan Crystalsalt contains 84 of the 92 elements naturally occurring in Earth.

This is considerably more mineral availability than common sea-salt, which typically contains 54 elements.

What makes Karom Himalayan Crystalsalt most effective as a provider of mineral nourishment is the aeons of time during which it was formed.

This process of maturation under compression allowed abundant time for the rich mineralization of what was originally sea-salt by its surrounding matrix of rock. Himalayan Crystalsalt is effectively super-charged sea salt without the threat of pollution from compromised sea water.

Thus the nervous system as well as the body cells benefit from a full spectrum infusion of rarely available elements.


  • Petro chemical free
  • Organic
  • Pure himalayan salt
  • Australian made


Fine Himalayan Salt from Pakistan with Organic Tasmanian Kelp

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