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Heel Metabolic Kit

This is a high potency, practitioner preferred product. This means we will need a few details from you around your health to ensure this is the best product for you.
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Pack Size: Kit
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Two homeopathically potentised remedies in a soluble tablet form that are valuable in repairing and initiating normal enzyme function for individuals suffering with chronic or degenerative conditions.


  • Assists Detoxification
  • Promotes Endurance
  • Improves Exercise Capacity
  • Immune Stimulant


Each tablet contains: Coenzyme A 8X 1 mg; Acidum ascorbicum 6X 1 mg; Thiaminum hydrochloricum 6X 1 mg; Natrium riboflavinum phosphoricum 6X 1 mg; Pyridoxinum hydrochloricum 6X 1 mg; Nicotinamidum 6X 1mg; Acidum DL-malicum 8X 1 mg; Acidum cis-aconiticum 8X 1 mg; Acidum citricum 8X 1 mg; Acidum fumaricum 8X 1 mg; Acidum alpha-ketoglutaricum 8X 1 mg; Acidum succinicum 8X 1 mg; Barium oxalsuccinicum 10X 1 mg; Natrium diethyloxalaceticum 6X 1 mg; Natrium pyruvicm 8X 1 mg; Cysteinum 6X 1 mg; Pulsatilla 6X 1 mg; Hepar sulfuris 10X 1 mg; Sulfur 10X 1 mg; Adenosinum triphosphoricum 10X 1 mg; Nadidum 8X 1 mg; Manganum phosphoricum 6X 1 mg; Magnesium oroticum 6X 1 mg; Cerium oxalicum 8X 1 mg; Acidum alpha-liponicum 6X 1 mg; Beta vulgaris conditiva 6X 1 mg. Contains lactose, magnesium stearate.

suggested dose

Suggested for temporary relief of symptoms of chronic illness including fatigue, effects of toxin buildup, slowed metabolism and weakened constitution.