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Infant massage is a wonderful way to encourage bonding between your family and your new baby and GAIA Natural Baby is just perfect to use.

A pure oil that has been formulated in consultation with therapists from Infant Massage Australia, who advise that pure sweet almond oil is all you need to massage your baby with.

Our sweet almond oil is combined with a hint of certified organic lavender and certified organic chamomile pure essential oils to provide you with a beautiful oil to use on your newborn, baby and toddler.

GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil is mineral oil free so it will absorb beautifully into your baby's skin and won't clog pores or cause irritation.

Our beautiful massage oil can be used on your skin as well and will be completely absorbed, leaving you with a gorgeous glow and NO greasy residue.


Baby Massage encourages eye to eye and skin contact, and the exchange of soothing sounds and smells, cuddles and smiles all help parent and baby feel closer.

The baby bonding process uses all of your senses, touch being one of them as well as smell. GAIA Skin Naturals have taken special care not to interfere with this natural process by ensuring that our pure essential oils make up less than .3% of our blend, just enough to cover the nutty smell of the sweet almond oil. All the pure essential oils are certified organic.

In fact your baby will recognise the beautiful smell of GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil and get excited when you put a few drops in your hand because they will know that it is time for their special massage.

All GAIA Natural Baby products use pure essential oils which are suitable to use during pregnancy.


Gaia 婴儿按摩护肤油 125毫升

Gaia 婴儿按摩护肤油 125毫升

  • 不含矿物油
  • 婴儿按摩是最有效的亲子沟通,能增进感情。
  • 曾咨询澳洲婴儿按摩协会,建议采用甜杏仁油,故此GAIA按摩护肤油只由优质甜杏仁油作为主要成份,天然纯正,绝不加入劣质油。
  • 配方再加上有机薰衣草与有机洋甘菊,有助松弛精神,为肌肉释放压力。


  • 甜杏仁油 – 香气清淡,质地轻盈,润泽之余,肌肤容易吸收 
  • 有机薰衣草及有机纯洋甘菊精油 – 具有镇静神经,放松心情之作用


  • 为宝宝按摩
  • 孕妈妈也可以放心使用,为身体按摩、滋润
  • 浸浴时在水中加入数滴按摩护肤油,可作额外滋润
  • 帮助去除头泥


  • 浸浴水中加入按摩护肤油,同时加入半杯奶,以乳化作用混合油份和水份,得出滋润效果
  • 湿疹皮肤需要额外滋润,可在润肤露中加入一滴按摩护肤油,加倍润肤
  • 据研究指出,定期为早产婴儿按摩,对其身心都有裨益,有助稳定健康
  • 为婴儿进行按摩,能促进食欲,增加体重;帮助容易入睡,睡得更熟,时间更长;舒缓因肚风、伤风鼻塞及出牙时所引起的不适;刺激成长贺尔蒙,令宝宝健康成长


  • sweet almond oil - a skin nutrient that is very nourishing
  • certified organic lavender pure essential oil to soothe and calm

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