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F1 Nutrition Everyday Whey

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100% whey protein, no fillers
Best sustained release protein for daily use
Low fat - Low carbohydrate

F1 Nutrition Everyday Whey is a premium quality, high protein, low carb' and extremely cost effective whey to add protein to your diet, Everyday!

It is commonly known that your body requires between 1.5 and 2 grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight Everyday to recover from intense training, sports or simple daily activities. It’s also thought that your body can only absorb between 20 to 40 grams of protein per meal depending on your gender, body weight and activity level.

Your body stores excess carbohydrates as fat to use when you need them; however your body can only store protein as muscle. When you go longer than 3 hours without a protein meal your body starts to use your hard earned muscle for its energy and recovery needs. This is commonly called catabolism. To prevent catabolism, and prevent losing your hard earned muscle, whilst maximising recovery and growth your body requires you to eat a protein meal or take F1 Nutrition Everyday Whey at least every 3 hours.

So if you’re training hard to achieve your goals and want to increase recovery, muscle growth or fat burning, or you enjoy tennis, golf, power walking or running to improve your health and fitness, or you want to increase your protein intake, then F1 Nutrition Everyday Whey is your premium quality, high protein, low carb’ and cost effective whey to add protein to your diet, Everyday!


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