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F1 Nutrition Lean Burn Watermelon 300G

pack size: 300gram tub
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F1 NUTRITION LEAN BURN combines full active amounts of the most potent fat burning ingredients on the planet; Creating the perfect super thermogenic fat burner to massively mobilise and maximise the utilisation of every fat cell possible, whilst increasing energy, elevating mood, eliminating cravings and kicking fat burning into overdrive.

  • BURN Fat as energy
  • Increase energy
  • Mobilize long term fat
  • Speed Metabolism
  • Curb cravings

  • Benefits

    The scientifically formulated, unique anti-catabolic and immune boosting amino acid profile increases your recovery whilst ensuring you preserve lean muscle through the toughest of diets or competition cuts. The exclusive multivitamin and mineral support formula promotes hydration, nourishes the immune system and aids recovery helping you look and feel better than ever before makingF1 NUTRITION LEAN BURN the number 1 choice for anyone looking for real results, super fast!



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