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English Tea Shop White Advent Calendar

pack size: 25 Tea Bags

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The English Tea Shop has designed a magical 25 Tea Bag advent calendar for the holiday season!

13 cheerful holiday flavours to choose from:

  • Gingerbread Treat
  • Ghostly Green
  • White Wonderland
  • Festive Spice
  • Winter Warmer
  • Super Star Anise
  • Tropical Lemongrass
  • Happy Holiday
  • Post-party Refresh
  • Berry Rooibos
  • Spicy Pumpkin
  • Seasonal Siesta
  • Ginger Cranberry

The teabags, boxes and outer packaging in this range are fully compostable.


Certified organic by The Soil Association and Fairtrade International. Fairtrade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future.

The English Tea Shop teas and ingredients are grown by small farmers in limited quantities, without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. The English Tea Shop cares for the farmer's wellbeing by paying a premium above the Fair Trade wage.



Gingerbread Treat 

Organic black tea*(53%), organic cinnamon pieces*(16%), organic ginger pieces*(15%), organic apple pieces*(6%), organic cardamom pieces*(5%), natural flavour (5%) 

Ghostly Green 

Organic green tea (73%), organic cinnamon pieces (12%), organic ginger pieces (5%), natural flavouring (5%), organic peppermint leaves (4%), organic rose petals (1%) 

White Wonderland 

Organic white tea*(75%), organic cinnamon pieces*(4%), organic cocoa*(4%), organic peppermint leaves*(4%), organic licorice*(4%), organic chamomile*(4%), natural flavour (5%) 

Festive Spice 

Organic black tea*(74%), organic cinnamon pieces*(4.5%), organic ginger pieces*(2.5%), organic cardamom pieces*(2.5%), organic cloves*(2.5%), organic nutmeg*(2.5%), organic pepper*(2.5%), organic orange peel* (4%), natural flavour (5%) 

Winter Warmer 

Organic rooibos*(60.5%), organic ginger pieces*(15%), organic cocoa*(10.5%) , organic star anise*(5%), organic mace*(4%), natural flavour (5%) 

Super Star Anise 

Organic black tea*(83%), organic ginger pieces*(6%), organic cloves*(4%), organic star anise* (2%), natural flavour (5%) 

Tropical Lemongrass 

Organic lemongrass *(24%), organic pepper-mint leaves*(20%), organic hibiscus*(20%), organic rosehips*(11%), organic chamomile *(10%), organic apple *(10%), natural flavour (5%) 

Happy Holiday 

Organic green tea*(83%), organic cinnamon pieces*(2.5%), organic pomegranate pieces*(2%), organic ginger pieces*(1.5%), organic cardamom pieces*(1.5%), organic cloves*(1.5%), organic nutmeg*(1.5%), organic pepper*(1.5%), natural flavour (5%) 

Post-Party Refresh 

Organic green tea*(64%), organic garcinia le Post-Party Refresh Organic green tea*(64%), organic garcinia leaves*(12%), organic cinnamon pieces*(8%), organic garcinia fruit*(5%), organic ginseng*(5%), organic acai berry*(1%), natural flavour (5%) 

Berry Rooibos 

Organic rooibos*(73%), organic apple pieces*(10%), organic raspberry*(3%), organic blueberry*(3%), organic cranberry* (3%) organic cinnamon pieces*(3%), natural caramel (2.5%), natural flavour (2.5%) 

Spicy Pumpkin 

Organic green tea*(83%), organic cinnamon pieces*(2.5%), organic star anise*(2%), organic ginger pieces*(1.5%), organic cardamom pieces*(1.5%), organic cloves*(1.5%), organic nutmeg pieces*(1.5%) organic black pepper* (1.5%), natural flavour (5%) 

Seasonal Siesta 

Organic lemongrass*(36%), organic cinnamon pieces*(20%), organic ginger pieces*(19%), organic garcinia leaves*(10%), organic hibiscus*(7%), organic lemon peels*(3%), natural flavour (5%) 

Ginger Cranberry 

Organic black tea*(69%), organic cinnamon pieces*(12%), organic ginger pieces*(6%), organic cloves*(3%), organic ginseng*(3%), organic cranberry* (2%), natural flavour (5%)

suggested dose

One Sachet Per Serving 

Steep tea in boiling water (100°c) for 3-5 minutes. 

Store in a cool, dry place.