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Destination Health Goats Milk Soap (White)

pack size: 200G
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Our wonderfulnatural vegetable oil soap is made here in Melbourne Australia to our strict specifications. Our manufacturer shares our ethical approach to producing beautiful products and together we produce soaps that are good for you and don't harm the environment.

Not only do they look smell and feel great but are alsoenvironmentally friendly. They are also free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.


Each 200 gram Goats & Coconut bar contains:

  • Palm Kernel and Palm Oil from Certified Sustainable Sources - NOT DEFORESTATION!
  • Deionised Water
  • Organic Goats Milk
  • Coconut Fragrance
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Organic Colour Pigments
  • Sodium Chloride (salt)
  • Titanium Dioxide from specially produced large compound material NOT nano-powder particles.
  • Tetra Sodium EDTA less than .02% per tonne used as a chelating (binding) agent.

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