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Dalton Sornado Tea

pack size: 10 Tea Bags

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Dalton Sornado 10 Tea Bags from Dalton Pharmaceuticals is a TGA-approved product made of 100% natural ingredients, making it a natural remedy for gout. Containing natural ingredients, Sornado Tea may help reduce uric acid and inflammation in the body, thereby giving gout pain relief.

Sornado Tea can be used to assist acute and chronic gout pain

Reduce Gout Pain with Quality Sornado Tea

Sornado Tea helps with control gout pain, by regulation of uric acid and reduction of inflammation. Extracted from Marsh Cudweed (Gnaphalium uliginosum) which has a diuretic action, combined with the anti-inflammatory effects of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium). Use 1 cup a day to reduce uric acid and manage symptoms of gout. Just 2 or 3 cups per week can be used as a maintenance dose. Sornado Tea has no side effects and is a good choice for long term use in the treatment of gout.

100% all natural ingredients

Extracted from Cudweed, and provided in a tea bag form to suit any lifestyle. Cudweed's diuretic action is combined with the anti-inflammatory action of American Ginseng. The combination of these 2 herbs provides a natural gout remedy.

Reduce uric acid

Sornado Tea directly treats the causes and symptoms of gout. With its diuretic action that promotes excretion of uric acid, it can prevent the build up and crystallisation which cause pain and inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory action relieves the symptoms of redness, swelling, heat and pain.

Additional benefits of Sornado Tea

Through promoting the excretion of excess uric acid in the body, Sornado Tea will potentially prevent crystallisation of uric acid and the deposition of urate in joints. t lowers the risk of acute attacks by improving the

Sornado Tea lowers the risk of acute attacks by improving the clearance of uric acid in kidney and urinary tracts. Through the same principle, it may lower the risk of nephropathy (kidney failure), hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiomyopathy (heart failure) and thrombosis of veins.

  • Helps reduce tissue inflammation and reduce joint pain (arthralgia).
  • No chemically generated compounds.
  • Reduces crystalization of uric acid.
  • Assists in reduction of inflammation and pain associated with gout.
  • Promotes excretion of uric acid from the body.
  • Only Australian Government TGA approved gout treatment on the market.


酸立通袋泡茶包 10包装
  • 酸立通茶包来自于澳洲多尔顿药业公司,荣获TGA认证,100%纯天然成分。
  • 精选纯天然草本,酸立通茶包通过帮助降低体内的尿酸水平及炎症,从而减轻痛风引发的疼痛。
  • 酸立通茶包可以用来缓解急性及慢性痛风引发的疼痛。



酸立通茶包可通过帮助调节尿酸水平及减轻炎症从而抑制痛风引发的疼痛。从具有利尿作用的鼠曲草中提取有效成分,结合有抗炎作用的西洋参。 每天一杯,可帮助降低尿酸水平及抑制痛风症状。 每周只需2到3杯的剂量即可维持。酸立通茶包是可长期服用的帮助缓解痛风的产品。








  • 帮助减轻组织炎症及关节痛
  • 无任何化学成分
  • 减少尿酸结晶
  • 帮助缓解痛风引发的炎症及疼痛
  • 促进体内尿酸的排泄








  • 鼠曲草 花 3200mg
  • 西洋参 根 800mg


Gnaphalium Ulignosum (Marsh Cudweed) Flower 3200mg

Panax Quinquefolium (American Ginseng) Root 800mg

suggested dose

Adult dose

  • 1 tea bag per day will treat acute symptoms.
  • Infuse in cup for 10 min with fresh boiled water.  
  • Add more hot water for second or third cup if desired.

If discomfort is experienced, then half the dose until symptoms reduce. 

Maintenance dose.

  • For continued relief from gout pain, use 2 or 3 cups per week.