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Capilano Beeotic Honey

pack size: 500g

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Capilano Beeotic Honey is a 100% natural Australian honey, clinically shown to help boost your digestive health. This premium quality honey has naturally occurring prebiotic oligosaccharide, which can help improve the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut. Capilano Beeotic Honey is a premium quality Australian honey that can help support healthy microflora balance, helping to support digestive health.


  • Provides natural source of prebiotics.
  • Suppresses growth of bad bacteria.
  • Helps improve overall gut health.


  • 100% natural Australian honey. 
  • Active ingredient: 
  • Purified honey 1mL/mL.
    Contains sugars naturally occurring in honey.

suggested dose

Consume 14mL (approximately 1 tablespoon) per day or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Beeotic prebiotic honey can be consumed by itself or mixed with your favourite foods or drinks for a delicious, natural way to help boost your digestive health.