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Axe & Sledge Ignitiion Switch Pre Stim

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When it’s time to flip the switch, you can count on ignition switch from axe & sledge to deliver! Ignition switch is our stimulant-based pre-workout that was formulated for the hardest workers in the gym.

Ignition switch is one of the few pre-workouts that contains four patented ingredients:

  • teacrine® (theacrine)
  • infinergy™(dicaffeine malate)
  • carnosyn® (beta-alanine)
  • agmamax™ (agmatine sulfate)

Ignition switch was specifically designed to:

  • boost exercise performance
  • enhance mental and physical energy levels
  • heighten focus
  • promote muscular pumps
  • improve the mind-to-muscle connection
  • aid recovery

With a combination of caffeine anhydrous, infinergy™ (dicaffeine malate), teacrine®, and five b vitamins, ignition switch provides you with sustained energy levels that last hours after you’re finished training. Unlike other stimulant-based pre-workouts, ignition switch won’t cause the dreaded energy crash, so you can carry on throughout your day at full speed.

Ignition switch uses l-citrulline, agmamax™, and beet juice powder to increase nitric oxide levels, which causes vasodilation (expansion) of your blood vessels. This allows for more blood, nutrients, and oxygen to be delivered to your muscles, creating better pumps and endurance.

Moreover, ignition switch contains carnosyn® beta-alanine, which boosts carnosine levels in skeletal muscle. carnosine is a lactic acid buffer that improves the body’s ability to regenerate energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (atp). Lastly, ignition switch contains huperzine a and choline bitartrate to significantly improve focus and mind-to-muscle connection.


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