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Australian Natural Care Marine Collagen Plus Minerals

pack size: 108G

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Say hello to beautiful skin, long nails and healthy hair with our Marine Collagen Plus Minerals! Our formula contains not only a high quality marine collagen extract, but the vitamins and minerals necessary to support your natural glow from within.

Collagen is required for the structure, integrity and elasticity of our skin and other connective tissue. We can think of collagen as bricks, providing the structural foundation for our bodies. Bricks need cement however, to reinforce structure. This is why we’ve added therapeutic doses of specific nutrients to act as the important ‘cement’ to not only help you get the best out of the supplemental collagen, but also the collagen our bodies naturally produce.

Nicotinamide, zinc, copper, selenium and manganese are antioxidant nutrients we’ve included in our formula that act as our important ‘cement’ and that also help reduce free radical damage to our skin and body cells. Our unique formula also contains biotin, a B vitamin that works alongside collagen to support nail strength and thickness, as well as hair growth.


  • 3.5g hydrolysed marine collagen per serve.
  • Added minerals to support collagen’s function in the body.
  • Contains biotin, a vitamin required for healthy hair and long nails


Each 3.6g dose contains:
Hydrolysed marine collagen 3.5g (3500mg), Biotin 1mg, Nicotinamide 15mg, Copper (from copper gluconate) 1mg, Zinc (from zinc citrate dihydrate) 15mg, Manganese (from manganese gluconate) 2mg, Selenium (from selenomethionine) 72 micrograms.

suggested dose

Generally, we recommend mixing our collagen products with around 200mL of liquid. However, if your smoothie or protein shake contains more than 200mL of liquid, that is fine. Similarly, if you would like to only mix a small amount of water with the collagen and consume it more like a shot, then that is also fine.
Since our Marine Collagen Plus Minerals contains a therapeutic dose of zinc, we recommend you take it with or after a meal to avoid digestive upset. Otherwise, you can enjoy our collagen products at any time of the day that suits you!