Mr Vitamins Practitioner Bookings

To make an appointment with any of the Mr Vitamins practitioners please click the button below. this will open a new page with all the open times for all appoinments width your perferred practitioner
We recommend you consult with our qualified practitoners to get professional advice for all your natural healthcare needs. You can save valuable time and money receive the best care for your health and wellbeing. To find out more about each practitioner , go to the 'Clinc Services' navigation tab above and you will see links to each practitioners page. Or click on the 'more info' links below.
  • Teresa Adouni Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine
  • Karen Ball Nutrition, Childrens Nutrition for behaviour problems, Raw food preparation
  • Karin Amail Life Coach, Lifeline Technique Practitioner, Essential Oils
  • Nicola Martin Lucia Light, Flower Essence Practitioner, Energy Healer
  • Maria Mitchell Aromatic and Herbal Medicine, Stress relief, Skin care, Pain relief
  • Poppy Osprey Fertilty Pregnancy Childrens & Womens Wellness, Weight loss, Stress + Sleep management
  • Peter Radi Digestive Health, Skin Health, Immune System Health, Overcoming Fatigue; General Naturopathy
  • Janne Ramsay Naturopathy . Over 50s healthcare, Nutrition, Exercise and relaxation, Menopause support
  • Richard Taylor Physical Trainer, Weight Loss coaching and programs

Practitioner Availability

Practitioner are avaliable on every day.To check the availability of your preferred practitioner,please click on the button below and select their name



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