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Nadya Lyana


“Passionate about health and fitness”

Nadya is a degree-qualified nutritionist who has been passionate about health and fitness for as long as she can remember. Her fascination and appreciation for the abilities and limits of the human bodies began very young, thanks to her early venture into the world of ballet at the age of 5 and being raised in
a family of health professionals. In her teenage years, Nadya became increasingly drawn to the world of nutrition and became very intrigued at the effects of different diets on the health of an individual and, after struggling with her own health problems for many years, realised that nutrition was one of the most important building blocks for optimal health and wellbeing.

Nadya finds joy in helping people achieve better health, fitness and wellbeing by helping her clients figure out and overcome their personal challenges and believes in practising with compassion, understanding and empathy. Whereever you are in your health and fitness journey, Nadya will be sure to have a pair of listening ears handy and offer her non-judgmental insight and guidance.

Nadya's nutritional philosophies

Nadya practices a more holistic and guilt-free take to nutrition and wellbeing. Beyond the food you eat, she is aware that there are many other factors which can be just as vital in helping you achieve your optimal health. For example, food for the mind and the soul can be very important too! Nadya likes to focus on what nourishes the individual as a whole, not just textbook “good” and “bad” or “clean” and “unclean” foods.

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