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Nutralife Magnesium Complete Calm Formula 180G

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This product works to relieve bodily exhaustion caused by stress


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Nutra-Life Magnesium Complete Product Information
A total magnesium formula
Help reduce muscle cramps and spasms
May be beneficial for stress and mild anxiety
May be beneficial for conditions of nervous tension
Beneficial in helping pre-menstrual tension (PMT)
May be beneficial for relaxation and restful sleep
Needed to maintain healthy heart function
Important mineral for maintaining bone density
Nutra-Life Magnesium Complete is an advanced broad-spectrum total magnesium formla providing 300mg of elemental magnesium per capsule from Orotate, Chelate, Phosphate and Oxide forms to maximise absorption and help maintian levels of this important mineral in the body.
Magnesium is one of the four minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium) needed for muscular and nerve response functionss within the body. Low levels of magnesium may be associated with muscle tremors, cramps and other problems and it is an essential cofactor in the functions of the Vitamin B complex, growth, energy and protein metabolism.
Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body, where it exists primarily in bone. It forms a bridge with Calcium and proteins to stiffen the structure, and the remainder lies in tissues in the muscle and soft tissues. Magnesium is an essential component of over 300 essential enzymatic reactions and plays an integral part in every major biological process in the body. In addition, Magnesium aids the processes of nerve conduction, regulating blood vessel wall tone, and nerve and muscle function. Demand for Magnesium increases during stress, nervous tension and anxiety, is important for maintaining bone density and healthy heart function.
Magnesium is beneficial in assisting the management of PMT and cramps, hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), and other conditions assoiciated with magnesium deficiency or loss including some heart problems, sleeplessness and digestive problems and diarrhoea.
Magnesium is one of the most common nutritiional deficiencies. Common signs and symptoms relating to the musculoskeletal system include tense muscles, twitches, muscle soreness/weakness, cramps, spasms and tension headaches. Symptoms involving impaired smooth muscle contraction can include constipation and menstrual cramps, and cardiovascular symptoms may involve high blood pressure and palpitations. Anxiety, restless sleep and depression are common signs affecting the nervous system, and other gerneal symptoms include breast tenderness and carbohydrate/sweet cravings, especially for chocolate.
Consuming high levels of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, sodium or soft drinks increases the risk of Magnesium deficiency. Those suffering from PMS or prolonged stress, and individuals taking certain medications including diuretics, corticosteroids, antibiotics and oral contraceptives can be low in Magnesium. Pregnancy and lactation increases the need for Magnesium.
Nutra-Life Magnesium Complete Instructions:
Adults - Take 1 capsule daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.
Nutra-Life Magnesium Complete may be used to:
Reduce muscle cramps and spasms; assist in the management of tension headaches; assist in the management of constipation; help reduce menstrual cramps; assist in the management of PMS/PMT; reduce carbohydrate cravings; reduce breast tenderness; assist in the management of stress, anxiety, and restless sleep; assist in the maintenance of healthy bones; and to assist in the maintenance of a healthy heart.
Nutra-Life Magnesium Complete is great for:
Athletes and sports people; women suffering PMT or menstrual cramps; individuals taking medications including diruetics, corticosteroids and the oral contraceptive pill; individuals who consume high levels of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, sodium or soft drinks; pregnant or lactating women; individuals suffering depression; individuals with busy, active lifestyles; anyone under physical or emotional stress.
Nutra-Life Magnesium Complete Ingredients:
Each capsule provides:
Magnesium (as Oxide) 197mg
Magnesium (as Orotate) 8mg
Magnesium (as Phosphate) 21mg
Magnesium (as Amino Acid Chelate) 75mg
Total Magnesium 300mg
Contains no added: artificial colours, flavours, gluten, yeasts or dairy products.

More Information
Brand Nutralife


纽乐 全方位矿物镁舒缓配方


这款高强效配方每份服用量提供300毫克从柠檬酸镁中提取的矿物镁。纽乐全方位矿物镁舒缓配方同时蕴含睡茄,一种阿育吠陀的传统药草,用于压力时期。以及含有抗压功效的维生素B5 和B6,以加强对肾上腺皮质功能的支持。

这款产品采用方便、容易混合的天然莓果口味的粉质。 人体内的每个细胞都需要镁——其涉及超过300种不同的新陈代谢过程。镁元素对于促进神经兴奋和收缩/放松肌肉纤维起了重要作用,这也解释了它对于放松肌肉紧张和不适的作用。镁元素同时对于骨骼和心脏健康也十分重要,并能帮助缓解压力和烦恼。




  • 有助于放松肌肉紧张和不适
  • 缓解压力、神经紧张和焦虑
  • 维持健康的心脏功能
  • 维持健康的免疫系统功能
  • 有助于维持健康的骨骼矿物质密度





镁(柠檬酸) 300毫克
维生素B12(氰钴胺) 50微克
泛酸钙 32.76毫克
盐酸吡哆辛 36.48毫克
KSM-66 TM南非醉茄(睡茄)根 7.5克
相当于睡茄 30毫克
香蜂草叶 3.9克


2.00 1


  • Relieving stress, nervous tension and mild anxiety
  • Calming and relaxing the body during times of stress
  • Supporting a restful, undisturbed sleep


    Mix one level scoop (3g) in 200ml of water, take twice daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional. 


    Serving sixe 3g (1 level scoop)

    Serves per day: 2 level scoops (6g) Servings per pack = 60

      Per 3g serve  Per 6g daily dose 
    Magnesium (as citrate)  150mg  300mg 
    Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 25µg  50µg 
    Calcium panthonate   16.38mg 33.76mg 
      Equiv. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) 15mg  30mg
    Pyridoxine hydrochloride  18.24mg 36.48mg 
      Equiv. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 15mg  30mg 
    Standardised herbal extract equiv. dry     
    KSM-66 Ashwagandra     
    (Withania somnifera) root  3.75g 7.5g 
      Equiv. Withanolides 15mg  30mg 
    Herbal extract equiv. dry     
    Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) leaf   1.95g  3.9g

    Wheat, gluten, egg, soy, artificial colours, artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


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