Want to lose weight while sleeping? Sleep This Way…

Wouldn’t it be amazing to lose weight while you sleep!?

Compared to eating healthily, exercising regularly, and managing stress, sleeping just seems easier, right?

Well, according to recent research findings, now you can do just that—lose weight while you sleep!

However, as is so often the case, losing weight while sleeping is easier said than done.

Quality Sleep is all about being cool…

Your internal body temperature drops typically about four hours after you fall asleep. Even your brain needs to cool down in order for you to fall asleep. For these reasons, research has discovered that several factors or activities can prevent your brain or body from cooling down thereby reducing your quality of sleep.

Here are some examples:

  • A bedroom temperature much higher than 20 degrees Celsius
  • Wearing excessive clothing or using excessive covers while sleeping
  • Watching TV or using electronic devices (i.e. computer, tablet, phone) right before bed
  • Thinking about the activities of the day or plans for tomorrow

Yawning is one of the primary signs that your brain is trying to cool off for sleep. Yawning helps your brain cool down as it draws cool air into your sinuses. Also the sleep hormone, melatonin, works by lowering your body temperature.

Lose Weight While Sleeping: Activate your brown fat

Brown fat burns calories, balances blood sugar, and improves insulin sensitivity when exposed to cold temperatures. So you would think the more you have the better for weight loss. Yet, when temperatures are so cold that you are shivering, you can end up sacrificing your quality sleep.

Some researchers believe that shivering works like exercise in triggering your muscles to secrete a hormone that stimulates brown fat. But, that shivering also prevents you from sleeping soundly. So, finding the ideal temperature to get quality sleep and stimulate your brown fat can be tricky; but, it is worth figuring out to maximise your weight loss!

Some ways to Lose Weight While Sleeping and stay asleep

  • Try sleeping naked with only enough covers that you do not shiver
  • Avoid eating these foods close to bedtime – fats, spicy foods, caffeine, and dark chocolate
  • Keep pets out of your bed and bedroom
  • Shut off electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime
  • Sleep in complete darkness by turning off the lights or wearing an eye mask
  • Take a hot bath 90 to 120 minutes before bed – as you get out of the bath your body temperature will drop abruptly preparing your body for sleep


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