Q&A with Richard Taylor – PT & Sports Supplement Expert

Richard Taylor is a Sports Supplement Expert and qualified Personal Trainer based in Chatswood, NSW. Richard shares his favourite way to workout, what motivated him to become a personal trainer, view on ‘diets’ and what inspires him to live a healthy life.


3 foods you can’t live without:

CHEESE – It’s what prevented me from going full vegan, in my vegetarian “phase” years ago. I haven’t been able to eliminate macadamia nuts from my diet because I can’t afford 100g a day I hate to admit it, but I can’t seem to kick my protein bar addiction.

What’s your favourite way to move?

Hiking and lifting weights are a diabolical combination for burning fat and building muscle.

Why did you decide to be a personal trainer?

I became a personal trainer in 2003, because I was an elite athlete and it was a natural progression to become involved in fitness, but the true turning point was in 2009, when I was diagnosed with lymphoma and had the chemo and radio, all the nasty stuff that annihilates your body. I had to rebuild my body and state of health from the very start, and wellness became very important to me, and made a decision based on passion, to dedicate my life to helping others to achieve their optimum state of wellness.

What’s your eating philosophy?

If a diet has a name and people can make money from it, then it’s probably a fad and you should take the information with a grain of salt. Eat fresh, minimally processed food, from a variety of animal and plant sources. Don’t exclude anything you love, unless it makes you sick. Eat consciously and mindfully. Don’t eat too fast. Create a diet that works for you. Call it the John diet, or the Sarah diet. It’s yours. Don’t follow anyone else’s diet. It’s theirs

What are the top 2 healthy essentials we could find in your handbag/gym bag? 

I’m a minimalist. I have a change of clothes and toiletries. I don’t listen to music. I don’t use any gym accessories

What motivates you to live a healthy life?

Well, if I’m being honest, because we’re all friends here… I like to look good. I like to have big muscles. I want a 6 pack, but it seems to elude me I also want to be an engaging father, a loving husband and have the energy to be present at all times I want to travel when I’m 80 and I don’t want to be wheeled around in a wheelchair

If you could give only one tip to improve the health of others, what would it be?

LOL just 1 tip? Ok. Work on improving your relationships. Your close relationships as well as your random interactions with strangers. The quality of your close relationships and your social interactions are the 2 biggest predictors of a long life.




Connect with Richard:

Instagram: @tayloredpt

Facebook: Taylored Training – Richard Taylor

Website: www.tayloredtraining.com.au


Rebecca Sturgess
Rebecca Sturgess

Rebecca Sturgess is our qualified Nutritionist BHSc (nut med), Health and Nutrition Coach and Wellness Blogger. She is passionate about creating healthy alternatives for your favourite foods and encouraging others to live their healthiest, best lives possible!