Expert Advice – How to Choose the Right Sleep Supplements for a Good Night’s Sleep

When looking for a supplement to help with sleep it’s useful to understand what your sleep patterns are and where the problem with your sleep might be coming from.

Challenges with sleep can be classified in 3 ways… Which one are you?

3 Different Types of Sleep Challenges

  1. Problems falling asleep (sleep onset)
  2. Staying asleep or getting back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night (sleep maintenance)
  3. Feeling refreshed after a night’s sleep (restorative sleep)

Sleep Hygiene

When there are no apparent health problems or prescribed medications that might hinder sleep, getting a good night’s sleep can still be a challenge. There may be too much stress or poor habits around setting a regular bedtime and reducing screen time before bed.

Wish there was a supplement that makes you turn off the TV and get to bed at a regular time? Sadly it’s not available – yet!

An important question about sleep…

On a scale of one to ten, where ten is the worse case scenario, how stressed are you?

Let’s look at stress as a factor that interferes with sleep.

Stress and anxiety are most often experienced as a busy mind that can stop you falling asleep (sleep onset), and prevent a return to sleep if you wake in the night (sleep maintenance).

Using this understanding of sleep onset and sleep maintenance, let’s take a look at some supplements that could help:

1. Problems getting to sleep

Nutrivital Restful Sleep
contains herbs that are particularly good for stress and anxiety induced sleep onset problems. It can be used during the day to help calm your nervous system and at night to help get to sleep.

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2. Problems staying asleep

Herbs of Gold Sleep Ease
The herbs in this supplement also help with anxiety and sleep onset, and also with sleep maintenance. Using herbs from both Chinese and Western herbal medicine traditions, it combines these into a tablet that can be used where there is pain adding to sleep problems.

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Healthy Essentials Liquid Sleep-500ml

3. Nervous stomach interfering with sleep

Healthy Essentials Liquid Sleep Remedy

Helpful with all 3 types of sleep issues, this liquid herb formula is easy to take(being liquid). Also able to be used during the day to reduce stress, the herbs in this mix can help with all 3 aspects of sleep issues discussed above. Particularly useful if there are symptoms of a nervous or upset stomach. Herbs combined magnesium make a lot of sense as stress increases the need for this mineral.

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4. Magnesium for sleep, pain and nervous system

Bioceuticals Ultramuscleze Night
Addressing a common contributor to sleeping problems, this powder supplement gives a good dose of magnesium, helpful where there is a magnesium deficiency and beneficial to the nervous system. In this product, magnesium is combined with some great herbs and nutrients to specifically assist sleep onset and maintenance. It can also benefit tight sore muscles, helping them relax and reducing cramps that can keep you awake.

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Also ask for expert advice from our Naturopaths, on which sleep supplement is best for you