Nothing Gets You Fresh and Clean Like Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll You would probably laugh if you learned that there was something out there that got your body cleaner than soap. Well, you should start laughing because that something is Chlorophyll!

Did you know that body odour and even bad breath are the result of toxins being eliminated from your body through your skin and through your mouth?

Then it makes sense that the more toxins you eliminate through your intestines, the less body odour or bad breath you should have to worry about.

As always, it is best to remove those toxins naturally, and Chlorophyll has emerged as one of the best natural detoxifiers you can rely on.

Chlorophyll:  Your true lifeblood

Chlorophyll is essentially the lifeblood of the world. Plants use it to absorb sunlight and conduct photosynthesis in order to synthesise the nutrients they need. Fortunately for humans and other animals, oxygen is one of the main by-products of photosynthesis.

As you know, humans and animals inhale oxygen, which is then transported by the blood to all the tissues and organs. After completing a series of biochemical processes within your body, humans exhale carbon dioxide, which plants take in and use to repeat the photosynthesis process.

What exactly does Chlorophyll do?

Studies have shown that consistently consuming Chlorophyll can provide your body with many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. In addition to freshening your breath naturally, cleansing your colon, removing free radicals, and speeding up wound repair, Chlorophyll also:

  • eliminates toxins, molds, and pollutants
  • purifies your blood
  • improves oxygen circulation
  • provides magnesium for brain health
  • prevents toxic accumulation in your central nervous system
  • regulates insulin
  • and protects your liver by blocking absorption of aflatoxin (wikipedia)

Although it was common in the mid-20th century for people to take Chlorophyll baths to remove body odour, you can believe that it is just as effective working on the inside.

The best sources of Chlorophyll

Clearly, plants are good sources of Chlorophyll, but there are some specific plants that are just loaded with this lifeblood. The best sources of are:

  • green leafy vegetables (spinach, parsley, romaine lettuce, kale, broccoli)
  • chlorella (the most potent source of Chlorophyll)

Great ways to eat Chlorophyll

Just because green leafy vegetables are some of the best sources of Chlorophyll, it does not mean that you are stuck eating lots and lots of salad! You can always mix things up by making a fruit and vegetable smoothie. Also drinking parsley juice is just as beneficial as eating the whole herb.

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As always, whatever questions or concerns you have regarding Chlorophyll or available supplements, all you have to do is drop by and  ‘Ask a Naturopath’.

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