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Rock-a-bye baby

How would you feel if you did have restorative sleep each night?

How would your energy and mood be?

Imagine what you could achieve with  the benefit of a good night's sleep.

If a full night of restful sleep is eluding you, there can be a number of factors contributing,   Investigating them as part of the wholistic health picture that is you, is important.  These factors can be so diverse, and unraveling which are relevant is what we do at Mr Vitamins Wellness Clinic.

  • sleep hygiene
  • habits
  • health
  • stress
  • diet
  • technology
  • medication

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Visit our online CBT partner SHUTi for an free online Insomnia Assessment

To resolve your lack of sleep, at Mr Vitamins Wellness Clinic we provide comprehensive analysis, testing and support by:

  • 1

    taking a comprehensive health history

  • 2

    analysing your health history and lifestyle habits to pinpoint which factors are contributing to your sleep problem

  • 3

    ordering tests where necessary to help determine or confirm the analysis

  • 4

    creating a personalised program for you, which may include:

  • changes to diet and exercise
  • supplements to address deficiencies
  • health
  • affordable cognitive behaviour therapy
  • supplements to address stress, health and support your changes

Your program will also include our ongoing support to get you to a full night of restorative sleep

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One little supplement made all the difference for me, I sleep so much better now, thank you


I gave up smoking marijuana and then had problems sleeping.  I was having bad dreams and waking still tired. Maria gave me a mix of different herbs in one remedy which I use most days, it worked right from the first dose. Now I am sleeping well, no bad dreams, and waking up feeling good.