Discover Raw Cacao and Superfoods…

 At Mr Vitamins Cooking School

Hands-On Raw Cacao and Superfoods Class
with Karen Ball, Nutritionist and Raw Foods Enthusiast

Mr Vitamins Workshop Studio | 394 Victoria Ave Chatswood

Discover a new world of superfoods – and how they are not only high in important nutrients but also taste delicious.  Learn the benefits of many unique superfoods from around the world, with a focus on cacao in all its glory and different forms.

Join Mr Vitamin’s nutritionist and raw-food enthusiast Karen Ball, as she takes you through how to create and make simple and easy cacao based raw foods that will have you tossing out the processed chocolate for good!


Two & Half Hour Superfood Class Packed with finger-licking Fun and Value

Take home all your hand-made delights

Join Karen for a 2 & half hour class of learning, tasting and smelling the delights of cacao and many other superfoods from around the world, in a fun and relaxed small group environment.

This is a hands-on workshop! You’ll be mixing and making some delightful chocolate and superfood delights. You can lick your fingers to taste-test – and you can take home the yummy delights that you make.

Learn how you can enjoy the benefits of adding raw and superfoods into your everyday life.

“When I saw this class I enrolled straight away. I love all things chocolate!
I wasn’t aware you could do so much with raw foods and raw chocolate – I learned
many new healthy ways to make snacks and meals.”
~ Nelly Wong

Karen’s classes are ideal for anyone interested in healthy living people – and of course chocoholics too!

In the Raw Chocolate and Superfoods Class you will:

  • Learn about the benefits of adding raw and powerful superfoods into your diet
  • Understand how raw cacao products can be used in many different ways
  • Excite your senses with smells, taste and touch of raw superfoods
  • Follow simple and easy recipes that will get you started on your raw food journey
  • Learn to make treats that are free of wheat, gluten, dairy and processed sugar
  • Create delicious raw cacao goodies to take home to your family and friends
  • Discover how easy it is to incorporate raw foods into your everyday life

Discover Nutrition in a fun environment with Karen…

I was very keen to attend Karen’s cooking class – and so glad
one of the sessions was offered on a day I could make it.
I wanted to learn how to make proper chocolate from scratch
and also because I’m interested in healthier options regarding food.

It surprised me to learn that it is so easy to make proper chocolate
and other “treat” foods using ingredients that are actually beneficial to health.
I enjoyed gaining insights into different ingredients, such as coconut butter
and maca, as well as the difference between raw cacao and cocoa.
Also, what actually constitutes a “raw” food…
Plus how easy it is to make nut milk – and how tasty it is!

I’m also glad that I got to try Inca berries in the workshop.
I’ve seen them in the store but never purchased them because
I didn’t know how tasty they are. Now I do! 🙂

I recommend the Karen’s classes to anyone who’s interested
in healthier (and tastier) food options
. ~ Amrita Balachandran

Watch Karen in action here as she gives you a brief introduction to the delights of raw chocolate:



 Karen Ball, Nutritionist and Raw Foods Enthusiast

With a strong interest in traditional foods from around the world and her passion and enthusiasm for yummy and nutritious raw food, Karen strongly believes that food should be fun, fresh and exciting. Karen loves to share new ways to prepare food that can transform your day – your health and your family. By learning new ways with food, you can explore you full potential for health and happiness.

Karen is a degree qualified Nutritionist, having graduated from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and Charles Sturt University in Australia, with further qualifications in Iridology.

“I love creating unique recipes and healthy meal plans… and I’m always keen to share how good nutrition can lead to vibrant health and boundless energy.”

Here’s what you get in your Superfoods class:

  • Full recipes and easy to follow instructions for creating raw cacao and superfood goodies
  • Hands-on experience making your multiple recipes in class
  • Understand how to blend special ingredients like raw nuts, berries and superfoods for unique flavours
  • A shopping list of essential ingredients for getting started on your raw food journey
  • Take home handmade delicious and nutritious superfood and cacao food treats to share with friends and family
Learn to make Cacao Bliss Balls!

“I have always liked chocolate and I’ve been interested in raw foods,
so I wanted to discover more of what I could do.
The workshop experiences with Mr Vitamins have always been great –
and the Chocolate Making Class with Karen was a lot of fun and very informative.
As a result of doing this class, I bought a high-speed blender
and nut-milk bag, so now I make a delicious almond milk every week.
I also discovered the superfood maca – yum!

I learned to make nutritious chocolate smoothies, almond milk and
chia seed 
puddings as well as yummy raw chocolates.

Karen’s classes would be great for anyone interested in health.
Most people eat too much low-quality food and I think the interest is growing
in less processed factory food so we can have a much healthier diet.” ~ Denise Thomson

“I follow Paleo diet and was interested in creating all-natural sweets alternatives.
It was great to learn about the benefits of cacao,maca, and how to make fresh hemp seed milk and almond milk.

I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested
in a more natural way of eating.” ~ Nita Toh