Balance your Chakras with Gem Essences

Poppy Osprey NaturopathAn Experiential Workshop

with Naturopath, Poppy Osprey

Chakras are energy centres in your body – when each chakra is in balance… you feel happier and your health and wellbeing is optimised.

  • You feel happier your health and wellbeing
  • You have more energy your health and wellbeing
  • Your health and wellbeing is optimised

Understand Your Chakras

Chakras are energy centres in our bodies through which energy flows. The spirals of energy within each chakra connect our physical and energy body. There are seven major Chakras in the body – each corresponding with support for a different body function or spiritual dimension.

Blocked energy in any of these chakras can mean they are out of alignment. This can lead to the emotions and the physical body suffering, a state of imbalance or illness.

It’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what you can do to keep this energy flowing freely.

Gem Essences to Balance Your Chakras, and Your Life

Mr Vitamins Naturopath, Poppy Osprey has developed a range of Gem Essences, each of which focuses on balancing the chakras – and the body and emotions.

Each essence has a special affinity to balance one of the chakras. Using the essences, with a simple dose of a few drops under your tongue can release old layers of buried emotions and thought patterns that can unconsciously create who you are, and how you react to situations and people in your life.

Gem essences restore balance and harmony to the mind and emotions

In this workshop with Poppy, you will learn about your body’s energy centres  – your chakras –and how to keep them in balance

Life flows more freely, your health becomes more balanced and your energy is increased, giving you more feelings of harmony and peace when your chakras are in a balance.

The Colours of Your Chakras are Important

Different chakras correspond to different organs in the body. And each chakra has a specific colour vibration.

Poppy will share her inspiration of how she has made the essences and how she has helped many people with her healing insights, Gem Essence prescriptions and thorough understanding of naturopathic philosophy.

Protection from Negative Influences

Since time immemorial people have used various protections to keep their body and emotions in balance. Now, in modern society, this is even more important, with WiFi energy, chemical and electrical influences and poorer quality food that is produced. These all affect our body and mind in so many ways.

Even a few centuries ago, the Clergy used stones and gems as protectors, based on their understanding that different stones resonate different energies.

The use of gem essences has now become a powerful support to protect you from negative influences.

A Powerful Healing Tradition

In researching and developing the Gem Essences, Poppy gained inspiration from the pioneering work of the English physician, Dr Edward Bach. During the 1030s Dr Bach focused on the development of flower essences – now famously known as the Bach Flower Remedies. Poppy has developed her work with gem essences, according to Dr Bach’s principles. She now consults with clients in her Chatswood Naturopathic Clinic at the Mr Vitamins Wellbeing Centre.

Poppy Osprey Gem Essences

Join Poppy in this Free One-Hour Experiential Workshop

Gain new insights into the subtle power of Gem Essences and find out what’s right for you. This is a practical and inspiring class. You will get to understand more about your own energy and chakra systems.

You will get to understand more about your own energy and chakra systems – and how to find new balance and wellbeing in your life.

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