Desley Hatfield: Naturopath | Herbalist | Clinical Nutritionist

Desley Hatfield Naturopath

Energy-vitality- balance.

“Good health is simple and practical. There is no magic pill, only understanding how and what your body needs to regain your health, energy and vitality to enjoy life.”

Who is Desley?

Desley is a practical and down to earth naturopath! She wants you to understand that good health is not hard to achieve if you understand what your body needs.  She has worked as a horticulturist, Tai Chi as an instructor and  has many years experience in community work including child care, disability and as a mum.


As a naturopath, keen cook and gardener Desley shares her knowledge and experience with you to motivate and inspire you to learn about your own good health and well being.

How can Desley help?

How you eat will always be the initial focus of working with Desley as she understands that wholefoods and healthy foods are the building blocks of vitality. By listening to your story and taking a full health history,  Desley will guide you to the right foods and style of eating to energise your body and mind. She may work with you in a range of areas: food as medicine, healthy eating, liquid herbal preparations, flower essences and Celloid® Mineral Therapy. Any products Desley recommends are safe and in keeping with the naturopathic principle: “Do no harm”.


Qualifications and Training:

  • Four year Bachelor Degree in Health Science, BHSc (Nat)
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Older Person Mental Health First Aid
  • Member of the National Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)

Desley maintains regular and continued professional development and training  to ensure her knowledge remains up to date with the latest research  regarding  naturopathy and health.

Areas of Interest:

Desley is interested in all aspects of health, across all age ranges and is excited to work with you for any health issues you would like to address. Her areas of special interest include:

  • Energy, stress and Adrenal support
  • Sleep Issues
  • Depression, Anxiety and mood issues
  • Children and Adolescents, particularly mood and behaviour
  • Digestive health
  • Medicinal foods, Nutrition and health coaching

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