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Gaia Baby Moisturiser 250ML

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GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser is a blend of natural, organic extracts and skin softening organic oils to moisturise rough, flaky patches of skin, and to protect against dryness, leaving your baby's skin extra soft and smooth.

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It's free from mineral oil, sorborlene and petrochemicals that may cause itchiness and irritation. 

In GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser the calming aroma of certified organic lavender will leave your newborn, baby and toddler smelling divine and so relaxed just before bedtime.

Certified organic wheat germ oil improves the suppleness and elasticity of skin which allows it to S T R E T C H!

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Brand GAIA

Gaia 婴儿润肤露 250毫升

  • 揉合不同的有机成份,令宝宝肌肤得以滋润,保持柔软嫩滑、无惧干燥。
  • 有机乳木果有助提高补湿度和弹性,从而改善皮肤干旱的情况。
  • 更换尿片时使用可减少宝宝皮肤因经常摩擦而造成的损伤。


  • 有机乳木果油 - 能软化并滋润缺水肌肤,有助提升肤色亮度,为宝宝肌肤补充水份。配方润滑之余,不剌激皮肤。
  • 有机小麦胚芽油 - 蕴含丰富天然维他命E,帮助修复受损皮肤或疤痕,增强弹性,令肌肤更嫩滑。
  • 有机月见草油 - 含有奥米加6 ,其脂肪酸与亚麻油酸能充分滋润肌肤;据研究指出更可舒缓皮肤敏感、痕痒及湿疹。
  • 有机牛油果油 - 大量维他命A、D、E和脂肪酸以维持正常的皮肤保护功能。


  • 涂上以滋润干燥肌肤
  • 换尿片时,为尿片覆盖部位涂上,可保肌肤嫩滑舒适
  • 孕妇可安心使用,减少肚皮因拉紧而引起之痕痒


  • 质地轻柔,适合四季使用
  • 沐浴后用毛巾轻轻印干,在皮肤还有些微水份时涂上润肤露,令肌肤更容易吸收,保持柔润
  • 如需要额外滋润,可在润肤露中加入一滴按摩油,此用法特别适合干性皮肤及有湿疹的宝宝
  • 不含矿物油,绝不油腻又不会阻塞毛孔
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  • For dry, flaky skin

  • Ad a little water and lightly massage to calm your baby before bedtime

  • Squirt some Moisturiser onto a wipe and use as a nappy change lotion during messy nappy changes to keep little bottoms soft

Handy Hint: Gently massaging GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser into damp skin after a shower or bath and will "lock in" extra moisture and leave your skin silky soft and smooth.

  • certified organic chamomile for calming and soothing - ideal just before bedtime

  • certified organic avocado oil is extremely nourishing especially for dry and flaky skin.

  • certified organic sweet orange helps to gently cleanse little bottoms during messy nappy changes
  • certified organic shea butter, very very softening, easily absorbed.  The Shea Butter used in GAIA products is sourced through a community project in Ghana.  This community is supported by a Fair Trade agreement and the region is Certified Organic. The shea nut trees grow wild and uncultivated and as a result, no applied chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers, toxic or hazardous substances come in contact with these trees.  Once the fruits ripen they fall to the ground where women collect them on foot.  After being sun-dried, they are roasted, ground by hand and kneaded, producing the soft shea nut butter.  The fuel used for the fire to roast the nuts is collected by the women from dead wood and bracken.  No trees are cut down to produce the fires used in production.  Paper-lined trucks then transport the organic handmade raw material to the port for shipping to the refinery where it is refined and deodorised to certified organic standards by steam-processing, ready for commercial use
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