Lariese Eternal Hydrosol Organic Bulgarian Rose Facial Mist 60ML

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Lariese Eternal Hydrosol Organic Bulgarian Rose Facial Mist 60ML is the pure, aromatic water (hydrosol) that comes from the steam distillation of Rose Otto blossoms during the making of Rose Otto (Rosa Damascena) essential oil.

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Lariese Eternal is a true Hydrosol. It’s sourced directly from the world famous ‘Bulgarian Valley of the Roses’, this 100% pure, steam-distilled, Bulgarian Rose Otto (Rosa Damasena) hydrosol facial mist is an antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory gentle toner and hydrator. It stimulates skin regeneration and has a calming effect on acne.


Lariese hydrosols are obtained through steam distillation during the extraction of the essential oil from fresh blossoms. The nutrients of the flowers are captured by the dissolving of microscopic water-soluble parts that are contained within them. They have been grown under strict CERTIFIED ORGANIC STANDARDS, giving you the finest and purest hydrosols.


Lariese Eternal Rose Hydrosol is PRESERVATIVE FREE. It is flushed with food safe Argon Gas used in the wine industry to assure the integrity and freshness of the product and prevent oxidisation. Being the heaviest of gases, Argon gas lays like a blanket on top of the liquid and forces the air to the top so not to allow contact with air or bacteria present in the air. It is an excellent medium for mixing in Lariese Empyrean facial clay masks

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Product Name Lariese Eternal Hydrosol Organic Bulgarian Rose Facial Mist 60ML
Price $18.95
Flavour Bulgarian Rose

It adjusts and balances the skin’s pH, stimulates skin regeneration and is ideal for hydrating and cooling dry & sensitive skin. Rose is a known antiseptic, with antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that has a calming effect on acne.


Especially beneficial in dehydrating conditions such as air conditioned offices, during air travel or whenever your skin needs a pick me up.

Spritz the mist onto your face after cleansing or anytime your skin feels dehydrated or in need of a cooling burst of moisture. It is excellent to mix with Lariese Empyrean facial clay masks and/or to use after the mask.

100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Otto Hydrosol water

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