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Herbs & Botanicals

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For thousands of years herbal medicine has been a powerful way to balance the body’s complex systems.

Whether you’re looking to improve immunity, energy, mood, memory, reproductive health, stress response, or quality of sleep, there are herbs and botanicals to help.

Also used as preventative medicine, herbs and botanicals have plenty of scientific research backing their ability to heal and enhance your wellbeing!

Mr Vitamins has one of the largest ranges of Essential Oils and Flower Essences in Australia, plus we offer cheap and discounted prices, so you can buy online with confidence.

A - D

Albizzia (2)

Alfalfa (5)

Andrographis (10)

Astragalus (16)

Bacopa (2)

Bilberry (16)

Bladderwrack (1)

Black Cohosh (8)

Black Pepper (5)

Black Walnut (6)

Blessed Thistle (2)

Boswellia (8)

Brahmi (18)

Broccoli (3)

Burdock (4)

California poppy (1)

Capsicum (1)

Cascara Sagrada (4)

Cat's Claw (3)

Celery (17)

Cinnamon (19)

Corydalis Yanhusuo (1)

Cordyceps (2)

Cranberry (27)

Curcumin/ Turmeric (52)

Damiana (3)

Dandelion root (17)

Devils Claw (1)

Dong Quai (2)

E - H

Echinacea (63)

Elderberry (7)

Emblic (1)

Epilobium (2)

Euphorbia (1)

Eyebright (4)

Fennel (2)

Fenugreek (11)

Feverfew (4)

Garcinia Cambogia (6)

Garlic (31)

Ginger (26)

Ginkgo (39)

Ginseng (11)

Globe artichoke (9)

Golden Seal (8)

Gotu Kola (2)

Grape Seed (24)

Green tea (28)

Grindelia (1)

Guarana (5)

Gymnema (10)

Hawthorn (9)

Hops (4)

Horse Chestnut (2)

Horseradish (13)

Horsetail (5)

I - L

Jamaican Dogwood (2)

Kava (9)

Kelp (12)

Korean Ginseng (11)

Lavender (75)

Lemon Balm (2)

Licorice (21)

Long Pepper (1)

Lycopene (tomato) (10)

M - P

Marshmallow (9)

Meadowsweet (2)

Mullein (9)

Mushrooms (4)

Myrobalan (Terminalia bellirica) (1)

Myrrh (1)

Nettle leaves (0)

Nettle root (4)

Olive leaf (54)

Oregano (6)

Parsley (1)

Passion Flower (5)

Pau d' Arco (4)

Pelargonium (2)

Phellodendron (2)

Psyllium Seeds (2)

Pycnogenol (1)

Q - U

Raspberry Leaf (5)

Red Clover (2)

Rehmannia (7)

Reishi (3)

Rhodiola (14)

Rose Hips (5)

Rosemary (6)

Saffron (4)

Sage (10)

Salix Purpurea (0)

Sarsparilla (3)

Saw Palmetto (8)

Schisandra Fruit (6)

Shatavari (7)

Sheep Sorrel (1)

Shiitake (3)

Siberian Genseng (11)

Slippery Elm (16)

Skullcap (4)

Sour Cherry (5)

St John’s Wort (19)

St Mary's Thistle (30)

Stone Breaker (2)

Terminalia Myrobalan (Terminalia Chebula) (3)

Thyme (9)

Tienchi Ginseng (4)

Tribulus (21)

Uva Ursi (1)

V - Z

Valerian (14)

Vitex (18)

Wild Yam (6)

Withania (29)

Wormwood (7)

Zizyphus (13)

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  1. 37%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Turmeric 34000+ 60C
    Nature's Sunshine Turmeric 34000+ 60C
    AU$59.95 AU$37.95

    You'll Earn 38 points

    Out of stock
    Nature's Sunshine Turmeric 34000+ 60C Joint pain and inflammation Antioxidant High in Curucmin C3 Complex – leading scientific studies View details
  2. 29%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Horsetail 100C
    Nature's Sunshine Horsetail 100C
    AU$36.50 AU$25.95

    You'll Earn 26 points

    Horsetail is thought to contain the highest amount of silica of all known herbs. Silica is found in connective tissues throughout the body and is important in the building and normal repair of healthy connective tissue. Horsetail has diuretic and astringent properties so is particularly suited to tone and soothe the urinary tract. Horsetail has traditionally been used to assist bedwetting in children. View details
  3. 28%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Wild Yam 1000 100C
    Nature's Sunshine Wild Yam 1000 100C
    AU$41.40 AU$29.95

    You'll Earn 30 points

    Wild Yam has a history of use in Native American Indian Medicine for aiding in the relief of menstrual cramps and pain as well as supporting female wellbeing. Also known as ‘colic root’ due to its antispasmodic properties, Wild Yam has also traditionally been used to help relieve spasms in the digestive system.  View details
  4. 28%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Kava Calm 60T
    Nature's Sunshine Kava Calm 60T
    AU$49.95 AU$35.95

    You'll Earn 36 points

    Kava Calm provides a blend of Kava* and Passionflower, two calming herbs traditionally used to relax the mind and body, help alleviate mild anxiety and promote sound sleep. View details
  5. 28%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Sarsaparilla 100C
    Nature's Sunshine Sarsaparilla 100C
    AU$39.95 AU$28.95

    You'll Earn 29 points

    Sarsaparilla, a native of America, was historically used by the Indians for its 'alterative' properties. As an alterative, Sarsaparilla assists the body's cleansing processes and is therefore of particular use in dry skin conditions. View details
  6. 29%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Eyebright 100C
    Nature's Sunshine Eyebright 100C
    AU$45.30 AU$31.95

    You'll Earn 32 points

    Out of stock
    Traditionally used for the eyes, Eyebright's astringent and anti-catarrhal properties can also be of assistance in upper respiratory tract conditions. The name Euphrasia is of Greek origin, derived from the Greek word for gladness and given to the plant because of it's perceived value as an eye medicine. View details
  7. 28%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Cat's Claw Combination 100C
    Nature's Sunshine Cat's Claw Combination 100C
    AU$41.65 AU$29.95

    You'll Earn 30 points

    Out of stock
    This combination of herbs promotes the body's natural immunity and may be beneficial for those who have experienced prolonged illness or as a pre-winter immune booster. Cat's claw also known as Una de gato is traditionally used in South America for promoting resistance and healthy immune function. Astragalus, a herb native to China, has traditionally been used for its adaptogenic and immune supporting properties while Echinacea supports both the immune and lymphatic systems. View details
  8. 29%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Blessed Thistle 100C
    Nature's Sunshine Blessed Thistle 100C
    AU$36.50 AU$25.95

    You'll Earn 26 points

    Blessed thistle is a traditional galactagogue which is a substance that increases breast milk production. A native of Southern Europe, its nutritive properties have been written about in herbal literature as early as the fourteenth century. This 'bitter' annual, thistle-like herb grows up to 50cm high, with the whole herb being used for therapeutic benefits. View details
  9. 35%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Saw Palmetto 100C
    Nature's Sunshine Saw Palmetto 100C
    AU$51.95 AU$33.95

    You'll Earn 34 points

    Out of stock
    Saw palmetto was a staple food of the Native American population of the Southeastern United States. Medicinally, it was traditionally used to support male urinary system function and was described historically as the 'old man's friend'. Now it is most used to support the male reproductive system, particularly the prostate. View details
  10. 29%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Dong Quai 100C
    Nature's Sunshine Dong Quai 100C
    AU$40.95 AU$28.95

    You'll Earn 29 points

    Dong quai has been named the queen of all female herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is one of China's most popular herbs for women. View details
  11. 32%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Slippery Elm Bulk 200G
    Nature's Sunshine Slippery Elm Bulk 200G
    AU$58.75 AU$39.95

    You'll Earn 40 points

    Slippery elm bark powder contains mucilage, a gelatinous like substance that reacts with water to form a slippery gel-like substance, when taken orally it expands in the digestive tract and helps provide a protective barrier for irritated gastric mucous membranes.  View details
  12. 24%OFF RRP
    Nature's Sunshine Pau D' Arco Tea 200G
    Nature's Sunshine Pau D' Arco Tea 200G
    AU$58.95 AU$44.95

    You'll Earn 45 points

    Pau d'arco tree bark has a long tradition of use as an antifungal herb in South American countries, either as a poultice or decoction for its alterative properties for skin conditions. This enormous flowering tree found in South and Central America is also know as Taheebo and Lapacho.  View details
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