Gen-Tec Nitric AAKG Fuel 300G
Gen-Tec Nitric AAKG Fuel 300G

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GenTec Nitric AAKG Fuel 300Gm

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Short description of Gen-Tec Nitric AAKG Fuel 300G

GenTec Nitric AAKG Fuel 300Gm

Features of Gen-Tec Nitric AAKG Fuel 300G

100% Pure Powder Arginine Alpha-Ketogluterate plus Carbs and Chromium Piccoloinate

Basic Functions:   Muscle growth, muscle pump, vascularity
NITRIC AAKG Fuel is a new internationally sourced form of Arginine blended with an “old school” delivery system (simple carbs and chromium piccolinate).
NITRIC AAKG Fuel is in powder form instead of tablets for better absorption to take effect immediately for your first workout.  Alpha Ketogluterare is called the “carbon skeleton” of the amino acid glutamine.  The Alpha Ketogluterate form of  arginine is more bio-available and possibly more potent than the already effective free-form L-Arginine.   Arginine is a conditionally “essential” amino acid which means during heavy training cycles inadequate amounts are synthesized in the liver from other amino acids.    Arginine must be supplied to the body from crude proteins and supplements such as Nitric AAKG Fuel.  Arginine has a known role in natural Growth Hormone production, sperm production and motility and natural creatine production.   Arginine also acts as a precursor to NITRIC OXIDE NO2.
Many elite power and strength athletes would probably show deficiency of arginine within the body as it is used unsparingly for natural creatine production.   Arginine only exists in relatively small amounts in crude protein foods and Whey Protein powders.
Symptons of arginine deficiency may show up in athletes as poor fertility, minimal pump during weight training, poor muscle recovery and an inability to gain lean muscle mass when training intensely with weights.
Bodybuilders will love the effects of increased Nitric Oxide NO2 levels.  
N02 is a natural gas which is felt during your first workout on Nitric AAKG Fuel in the form of a very obvious increase in muscle pump and fullness.
Suggested use: Mix 2 teaspoons in water 20-30 minutes before training or bed.  For best results cycle with Ultimate Male Fuel 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off – then repeat the cycle.
NITRIC AAKG Fuel tips:Before training mix with GEN TEC PUMP TCM Fuel and SWELL NAG Fuel for improved energy and strength.  
Mix Nitric AAKG Fuel with 5grams of SWELL NAG Fuel immediately before bed for recovery.
Pre-contest bodybuilders:  Use 1 teaspoon mixed in water 20 mins before meals the day before and day of your contest.   
Mix with 1 teaspoon of Creatine 320 at these times.





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