Gaia Nipple Balm 40ML
Gaia Nipple Balm 40ML

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A nourishing organic balm for breastfeeding mothers to moisturise, soothe and protect sore, cracked nipples.

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Product Overview

Short description of Gaia Nipple Balm 40ML

A nourishing organic balm for breastfeeding mothers to moisturise, soothe and protect sore, cracked nipples.

Features of Gaia Nipple Balm 40ML

Use during pregnancy to help prepare your nipples for the demands of breastfeeding.

Once your baby is born, use after every feed to keep the nipple area in good condition for your baby to latch onto.

FREE from lanolin, petrochemicals and mineral oil, GAIA nipple balm is made from pure, edible organic oils, including sunflower and avocado, so there is no need to rinse before feeding.

Vegans please note: this product contains beeswax.

Benefits of Gaia Nipple Balm 40ML

Breastfeeding can be tough, and no one ever tells you how painful it can be on your nipples. Fortunately, help is at hand from Gaia Skin Naturals with this organic pregnancy nipple cream.

Use it to help prepare your nipples for breastfeeding, and use it as a balm to help soothe nipples while you're feeding. This organic nipple balm is made with pure organic edible oils like avocado and sunflower oils. It's so pure and natural, that you don’t need to worry about rinsing off before breastfeeding your baby.

Gaia Pure Pregnancy Nipple Cream may be used before, during and after pregnancy. It helps keep your nipples in its best condition as it will moisturise, soothe and protect nipples from soreness and cracked skin.

Suggested dose of Gaia Nipple Balm 40ML

 Gently apply Gaia Nipple Cream onto the nipples and surrounding area as often as necessary. Can be applied to broken skin and cracked nipples. No need to wash off before breastfeeding.

Ingredients of Gaia Nipple Balm 40ML

Organic sunflower oil*, organic avocado oil*, organic beeswax*, organic carrot seed oil*, organic calendula extract*, organic chamomile extract*, organic jojoba oil*, tocopherol acetate (natural vitamin e) *Australian Certified Organic


Gaia 有机乳头修护霜 40毫升

  • GAIA有机乳头修护霜能为喂母乳妈妈滋润、舒缓、修护痛楚及损伤的乳头和周围破损的肌肤。
  • 怀孕期间使用,可滋润乳头,为不久将来的哺乳作最佳准备。
  • 当宝宝出生后,每次喂哺完毕,涂上GAIA 有机乳头修护霜为下次喂哺保持最佳状态,无须清洗即可再哺乳。
  • 不含羊毛脂、石油化合物、矿物油、化学防腐剂、丙烯乙二醇(使皮肤过敏)、人工香料、精华油、添加维他命A。
  • 不以动物作测试。


  • 多种可食用有机油,包括向日葵花油、牛油果油及胡萝卜籽油。容易被肌肤吸收,滋润及修护效果显着。




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