Gaia Baby Bath & Body Wash 500ML
Gaia Baby Bath & Body Wash 500ML

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A calming gel that feels so soft and gentle on your baby's skin they will look forward to bath time with GAIA every day!

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Product Overview

Short description

A calming gel that feels so soft and gentle on your baby's skin they will look forward to bath time with GAIA every day!


A nourishing cleanser that not only keeps your little one clean but also nurtures and cares for delicate skin without irritation.  

There's no soap or sulphates that can cause dryness so it's great for sensitive skin and eczema-prone skin. 

GAIA Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash cares for your newborn, infant or child with gentle coconut derived cleansing agents, certified organic sweet orange pure essential oil and skin softening organic oils to keep your baby's skin soft, smooth and fresh. 

Formulated for every day use and all skin types, it's the perfect soap replacement that is pH balanced so it won't strip baby's natural protective oils. 


GAIA Bath & Body Wash can be used in the bath or as a shower gel so you won't have to buy separate products for your newborn and your toddler - simply use the Bath & Body Wash in the bath for your baby and as a shower gel for your toddler - saving you money.

Suggested dose

  • Add to running bath water when filling the bath

  • Squirt onto a damp sponge/wash cloth and wipe over baby's skin

  • As shower gel for those little people too big to have a bath! 


  • certified organic sweet orange, a natural and gentle antibacterial cleanser

  • certified organic evening primrose oil to help nourish and soften skin

  • certified organic lavender to calm and soothe - ideal just before bedtime!

Gaia 婴儿沐浴露 500毫升

  • 配方专为肌肤幼嫩的宝宝而设,不含碱性肥皂成份及化学起泡剂,能温和洁净肌肤。
  • 蕴含多种有机精油及其他丰富草本植物提取精华,具高度保湿效果,有助预防肌肤干燥。
  • 中度酸碱值(pH 6.5) ,与宝宝肌肤相近。


  • 有机纯甜橙精油,有机月见草油,有机牛油果油,有机薰衣草精油 - 润泽肌肤,有助预防干燥
  • 有机洋甘菊精华 – 为肌肤舒解痕痒、红肿或过敏状况


  • 流水产生为初生宝宝洗澡,浴后无须冲水
  • 作花洒浴或将少量沐浴露注入海棉起泡,清洁全身后冲水






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