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AUTILI Instant Skim Milk Powder 1KG

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AUTILI instant full cream milk powder is deliciously creamy in texture and enriched with Vitamin A (*37% RDI) and Vitamin D (*52% RDI) to help achieve our daily recommended targets for these essential nutrients and optimise calcium absorption for stronger bones, teeth and muscle.

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AUTILI instant skim milk powder retains the natural nutritional value from fresh Australian milk and keeps you in great health with optimal protein (18.4%RDI*), calcium (53%RDI*) content and minimum fat (99.9% fat free). The skim milk powder serves as an excellent nutritional substitute for full cream milk and is a more favorable choice if you are on a reduced fat diet or have a higher risk of heart disease. For women with greater calcium requirements and a lower dietary fat intake, this product is also highly recommended.

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澳特力 脫脂奶粉


  • 100%澳洲高品质纯净乳源,无任何添加剂
  • 新鲜、即溶天然营养品,比鲜奶方便携带及保存
  • 高钙、高蛋白及丰富的营养素
  • 每袋装可冲调7升牛奶
  • 天然不含麸质
  • 同时可以作为各式饮料或烹饪和烘焙的原料


  • 随着人们饮食习惯和结构的变化,越来越多的人,特别是中老年人开始注意膳食脂肪的摄入。AUTILI澳特力脱脂奶粉保留牛奶丰富营养价值的同时,仅有0.1%脂肪(99.9% fat free),适合控制每日脂肪摄入量的各类人群享用。
  • AUTILI澳特力脱脂奶粉热量低,无脂肪,其中蛋白质、碳水化合物及钙含量均比全脂奶粉高出1/3左右。


  • 请存放在凉爽干燥处
  • 请于开封后四周内食用完毕
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100% pasteurized skim milk

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