Mr Vitamins 10 Day Cleanse Challenge

Welcome to the Mr. Vitamins 10 Day Cleanse Challenge!

A gentle nutritional cleanse is the first step to feeling and looking your best! By making healthy food choices, you can improve your digestive function, immunity, concentration, energy levels, sleep as well as assisting in healthy weight maintenance and promote healthy glowing skin!

Detox is extremely vital as it can help assist the body’s natural cleansing processes by removing all toxins from your body, improve your digestive tract as well as resetting your healthy habits.

Let’s start by supporting and strengthening your body by choosing healthy, fresh, organic foods that support digestion, increase nutrient intake, improves natural detoxification pathways and encourages healthy microbiome.


Over the 10 days, you will be enjoying nutritious meals made from wholefoods developed by our Nutritionists and Naturopaths. You’ll learn how to make healthy and delicious recipes that will provide your body with adequate nutrients to support overall health and vitality. You will also find out our top recommendations on how to maintain hydration, reduce your toxic load by removing toxins, combat sugar, alcohol, and coffee and remove processed foods from your diet. 

The eBook also contains a number of tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and creating new healthy habits.

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