Caruso's Mum's Multi 30T

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Caruso's Natural Health Mum's multi does, that's who! Mum's multi is a broard spectrum, time release multi-vitamin. Caruso's Mum's multi has been formulated to help keep you feeling good and looking great! 

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Product Overview

Short description

Caruso's Natural Health Mum's multi does, that's who! Mum's multi is a broard spectrum, time release multi-vitamin. Caruso's Mum's multi has been formulated to help keep you feeling good and looking great! 


  • Immune system support

Caruso's Mum’s mutli contains great nutrients to help support your immune system. These nutrients include Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 and Silicon.

  • For healthy blood

The Folic acid, Iron and Vitamin B12 found in Caruso's Mum’s multi are all blood tonics and can assist in maintaining normal blood. Plus the Vitamin B1 supports healthy heart function.

  • Great for women whom want to be mums

Caruso's Mum’s multi contains a therapeutic dose of Folic acid. You would take Folic acid daily for one month, before conception and during pregnancy. Folic acid may reduce your risk of having a child with birth defects of the brain and/or spinal chord, such as Spina bifida and Anencephaly.


  • Support for skin health

Silicon found in Caruso's Mum’s multi is used for the elasticity, firmness and strength of your skin.

  • Is excess fluid making you look big and bloated?

Caruso's Mum’s multi may help reduce fluid retention.

  • For healthier digestion

Good digestion is vital for good health. Caruso's Mum’s multi aids digestion.

  • Blood circulation, Cholesterol, PMT & General health and well-being

Because Caruso's Mum’s multi is formulated with Niacin it may assist with blood circulation. Mum’s multi may help maintain normal, healthy Cholesterol levels. It may also help manage the symptoms of PMT. Mum’s rescue contains Magnesium, which is important for health and wellbeing.

  • Healthy hair, skin and nails!

Caruso's Mum’s multi contains nutrients to help support the health of your hair, skin and nails.

  • Protecting your body’s cells

Caruso's Mum’s multi is full of antioxidants to help protect your cells from free radical damage.

Suggested dose

Adults take 1 tablet after breakfast or as advised by your Healthcare Professional.


Each tablet contains:
Instant Release Matrix
Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) 109.16mg
 Equiv. to Pantothenic acid 100mg
 Equiv. to Calcium 9.16mg
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 100mg
Thiamine Nitrate (Vitamin B1) 80mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 50mg
Iron Amino Acid Chelate 50mg
 Equiv. to Iron 5mg
D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate 16.53mg
 Equiv. to Vitamin E 20IU
Betacarotene 6mg
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 400mcg
Folic acid 400mcg
Chromic Chloride 769mcg
 Equiv. to Chromium 150mcg
Potassium Iodide 391.1mcg
 Equiv. to Iodine 299mcg
 Equiv. to Potassium 92.1mcg
Selenomethionine 186mcg
 Equiv. to Selenium 75mcg
8 Hour Sustained Release Matrix
Calcium Phosphate 270.27mg
 Equiv. to Calcium 100mg
 Equiv. to Phosphorous 48.6mg
Magnesium Oxide - Heavy 86.37mg
 Equiv. to Magnesium 50mg
Silica Colloidal Anhydrous 64.17mg
 Equiv. Silicon 30mg
Pyridoxine HCL (Vitamin B6) 60.77mg
 Equiv. to Pyridoxine 50mg
Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) 50mg
Inositol 50mg
Tyrosine 50mg
Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate 41.16mg
 Equiv. to Zinc 15mg
Manganese amino acid chelate 20mg
 Equiv. to Manganese 2mg
Biotin (Vitamin B7) 2.5mg
Cholecalciferol (equiv to Vit D3) 12.5mcg
 Equiv. to Vitamin D 500IU


This medication contains Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) and Zinc which may be dangerous when used in large quantities or for a long period of time. A daily dose of 150mcg of Selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded. Do not exceed stated dose except on medicala advice. If you have a baby with neural tube defect/spina bifida, seek medical advice. Free from dairy, lactose, yeast, wheat, salt, animal products, gluten or preservatives. Take at least two hours away from other medications. Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is inadequate. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your Healthcare Professional.



Caruso's 全面呵护妈妈多维片专门针对女性健康特殊需要而研制的女性专属营养,全面为女性提供每日所需的必须维生素、矿物质和草本元素,并特别添加抗老化元素。能有效抗疲劳,舒缓压力,改善女性生理机能,帮助女士每日维持生活与工作各方面达到生理和心理的最佳状态。给女性最全面的照顾,综合提高女性整体健康水平,提高整体免疫水平。


  • 全面为女性提供每日所需的必须维生素、矿物质和草本元素。
  • 携带服用简单、快捷,营养丰富,效果显著。
  • 经检验,无添加任何人工色素、香精、防腐剂。
  • 综合提高女性整体健康水平,提高整体免疫水平。
  • 帮助松弛神经并改善脑活力,舒缓成分帮助缓解女性常见的焦虑、头疼和神经紧张。
  • 预防贫血、增进皮肤和头发健康调节并平衡雌激素分泌,帮助缓解女性经前综合症和经期子宫、卵巢的痉挛现象。
  • 促进结缔组织合成,活血通经,增强血液循环。
  • 提高免疫力,增强体质,提高骨骼健康。
  • 有效抗疲劳,舒缓压力,改善女性生理机能。


  • 维生素B5:109.16毫克
  • 维生素C:100毫克
  • 维生素B1:80毫克
  • 氨基酸螯合铁:50毫克
  • 胡萝卜素:6毫克
  • 维生素B12:400微克
  • 叶酸:400微克
  • 氯化铬:769微克
  • 碘化钾:391.1微克
  • 硒:186微克
  • 磷酸钙:270.27毫克
  • 氧化镁:86.37毫克
  • 二氧化硅胶体无水:64.71毫克
  • 维生素B6:60.77毫克
  • 肌醇:50毫克
  • 酪氨酸:50毫克
  • 硫酸锌一水:41.16毫克
  • 锰氨基酸螯合:20毫克
  • 维生素B7:2.5毫克
  • 胆钙化醇:12.5微克
  • 适合于成年女性人群使用。
  • 每日1粒,随餐服用或遵医嘱。


  • 使用前应仔细阅读标签,请勿过量服用;
  • 请勿将其放置在儿童可触及的地方;
  • 请存放于避光、干燥、不高于25摄氏度处;
  • 孕妇,哺乳期妇女和儿童,使用前请咨询医生;
  • 不用于诊断、治疗、治愈或预防任何疾病;
  • 膳食补充剂,不能替代药品和均衡、多样的饮食和健康生活方式;
  • 如有过敏现象,请立即停用并寻医就诊。




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