Bsc NitroBulk Muscle Vanilla Ice Cream 500G
Bsc NitroBulk Muscle Vanilla Ice Cream 500G

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500gm PROTEIN POWDER BLEND | LEAN & RIPPED | High protein high carb | Build muscle | Made with the highest quality milk & whey proteins | FLAVOURS Vanilla Ice Cream.

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Product Overview

Short description of Bsc NitroBulk Muscle Vanilla Ice Cream 500G

500gm PROTEIN POWDER BLEND | LEAN & RIPPED | High protein high carb | Build muscle | Made with the highest quality milk & whey proteins | FLAVOURS Vanilla Ice Cream.

Features of Bsc NitroBulk Muscle Vanilla Ice Cream 500G


Lean Muscle Gaining Facts

Quality Calories

Immediate and Slow Release Proteins

Superior Quality Protein Blend

Recover Faster

Support Immune Health

Support Lean Muscle development

Enhance gains in Strength

Improve nutrient absorption

Carbohydrates, Protein and Glutamine to promote growth and repair of muscle tissue


NitroBulk provides all the benefits of a mass gaining formula in a quality calorie, nutrient enriched formula. The development of NitroBulk has gone far beyond that of traditional mass gaining formulas that contain inadequate ingredients with insignificant calories. NitroBulk uses a superior protein blend that includes both casein and whey proteins.

Prior to and immediately following exercise it is beneficial to ingest protein sources that are rapidly absorbed and provide the muscles with amino acids to stimulate protein synthesis. However, a slow protein source may be beneficial to ensure the maintenance of blood amino acids in the hours after exercise and promote an anti- catabolic environment. NitroBulk contains a protein blend designed to achieve both these objectives.

Because your muscles are damaged during exercise, especially during resistance training programs, they need additional protein sources to help increase the protein synthesis and subsequently repair the damaged muscle tissue. When there is inadequate amounts of protein in the diet, muscles may have to further breakdown themselves in order to repair the damaged tissue. This creates what is known as a catabolic environment which results in decreases in strength, muscle and performance gains.

Research has indicated that resistance exercise can elicit a considerable glycogenolytic effect, which can lead to fatigue and strength loss. NitroBulk ensures you stay fuelled with the optimal blend of carbohydrates. Research has suggested that by increasing your carbohydrate supply in combination with protein post workout can enhance the recovery process when compared to protein only or carbohydrate only supplementation post workout.

Post workout doesn’t simply mean carbohydrates and protein. There are many additional nutrients that can help to further enhance your recovery and exercise gains and NitroBulk contains three of the best. BCAA’s, Glutamine and Creatine are three extremely essential ingredients that can help to further optimise and enhance your muscle building, strength and size gains.

Body Science NitroBulk provides all the essential recovery and muscle building nutrients you need to receive the real gains you are looking for.


  • Add an protein drink to each meal main meal.
  • Consume other shakes with full cream milk, peanut butter and ice cream.
  • Eat 6 protein carb rich meals per day.
  • NitroBulk is a High Protein & Carbohydrate snack.


Add 2 heaped scoops (60g) to 250mL of water and shake well 20 minutes post training. Pre Workout add 1 scoop to 150ml of water 30minutes before.

Beginner: Use Post Workout

Intermediate: Use Pre and Post Workout

Advanced: Use Pre and Post Workout as well as a healthy morning or late night snack





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Vanilla Ice Cream


500 grams (8 serve)

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