Bsc Essential Amino BCAA Fuel Pineapple 270Gm
Bsc Essential Amino BCAA Fuel Pineapple 270Gm

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Bsc Essential Amino BCAA Fuel Pineapple 270Gm

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Short description of Bsc Essential Amino BCAA Fuel Pineapple 270Gm

Bsc Essential Amino BCAA Fuel Pineapple 270Gm

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Amino Acid Facts

- Aid / Maximise Muscle building

- Aid / Enhance Recovery

- BCAA’s are a direct fuel source for the muscles

- Amino Acids form the building blocks for all proteins

- Support / Maximise muscular endurance

- Low calorie and natural flavours

- Maximise performance

- Delay mental fatigue

- Anabolic and anti-catabolic.

- Includes the scientifically proven PowerGrape.  PowerGrape has been clinically proven to increase recovery by 7.9% and improve physical performance by 23.9%

Amino BCAA Fuel provides all the benefits of a post workout formula in a versatile pre, during or post workout matrix. The innovation behind this quality blend of amino acid and exercise enhancing ingredients has resulted in a formula the boasts nothing but quality.

Exercise causes many physiological and biochemical reactions throughout the body. One of key importance during training, particularly resistance training is exercise induced muscle damage. This is a common effect of exercise and causes damage to our muscle in which the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue (muscle anabolism) need to occur in order to recover and adapt to the workout. If this process is neglected you can inhibit a lot of the gains and benefits associated with the workouts being completed.

Branch Chain Amino Acids have been shown to increase protein synthesis and reduce muscle protein breakdown. Studies have shown that BCAA supplementation before and after resistance training reduces indices of muscle damage and increases the recovery process post workout. The combination of BCAA’s with additional energy enhancing and fatigue reducing ingredients such as Beta-alanine, Powergrape and L-Taurine make Amino BCAA Fuel the perfect intra workout companion. The formulation of this product ultimately allows you to counteract muscle catabolism before it has even started, meaning you perform at higher intensities for longer and recover quicker.

Beta Alanine is another major component of this formula along side Powergrape. Beta-alanine is transported through the bloodstream and into the skeletal muscle forming Carnosine. Carnosine acts as an Intra-muscular buffer preventing a reduction in pH and increasing the ability to continue high intensity movements throughout exercise. The extremely unique antioxidant capacity of Powergrape has lead to a study that as proven Powergrape to increase exercise performance. The combination of these ingredients in the ultimate intra-workout formula means that your workouts will go further than ever before.


  • Continually Sip on Amino BCAA Fuel for sustained benefits

  • Limit man made carbohydrates after 3.00pm.

  • Eat 6 small protein meals per day.


Mix one and a half scoops (15g) in 300mL of water and mix well. Sip on throughout a training session





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